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Cheap ≠ save money car maintenance don't be routine

if people want to catch a cold, the car will also "catch a cold". The aging of spark plugs often causes the vehicle to be unable to get on the car. At this time, we have to face to replace a new set of spark plugs. Sometimes even if the ignition starts normally, when you go to the 4S store for maintenance, the clerk of the 4S store may also tell you that your spark plug has serious carbon deposition and needs to be replaced. Without even saying the reason, you can directly tick the spark plug column on the maintenance list to tell you that it is a normal maintenance item

at this time, please pay attention! You're probably in a hole

so today we not only help you understand the types of spark plugs, but also teach you the "secret of saving money and avoiding pits" of spark plugs

now that we talk about spark plugs, let's first understand them

the definition given on Baidu: spark plug is a component in the ignition system of gasoline engine that generates electric sparks in the cylinder by introducing high-voltage current and ignites the combustible mixture in the cylinder. Although the spark plug is a small one, its structure contains more than ten kinds of components, as shown in the figure below. It includes wiring nuts, insulators, metal rods, etc

↓ but the most important thing is ↓

there is an air gap between the central electrode and the side electrode, just like a couple who will never be together

however, a great philosopher in China once said that ↓

driven by high voltage, the two "turbulent" electrodes produce strong electric sparks, which puncture the air in the middle, thus igniting the mixture in the cylinder

in other words, the reason why some spark plugs are quite cheap and some are quite expensive is that a large number of reusable and valuable materials are reused in engineering materials on this electrode

here's an expansion: a cheap spark plug, its central electrode is like a cylinder, and the air gap between the two electrodes is relatively small. The central electrode of the more expensive spark plug is often very thin, or sharp, and the air gap between its two electrodes is a little larger

the common spark plugs in our cars range from ordinary nickel alloy spark plugs to high-end iridium spark plugs. They not only have different prices, but also have a big gap in life span

Can meet the standard and get normal production; 2 is to test their own products

a relatively ordinary nickel alloy spark plug, search on Taobao, there are a few dollars, there are also ten or twenty dollars. Although such spark plugs are cheap, their service life is relatively short, and they have good flame retardancy. They have to be replaced every 20000 to 30000 kilometers

platinum spark plugs are slightly better. I heard you right! It's the same material as the ring on your wife's hand (please look for the PT LOGO!), But it's not that expensive. Because only a little is used on the spark plug. Platinum spark plugs usually cost more than 50 to 100. Life expectancy is relatively much better. You can change it almost every time you run 60000 to 80000 kilometers

now the more advanced iridium spark plugs on the market can only be changed once after running about 12 kilometers. Some car owners estimate that they have changed their new cars without running 100, 000 kilometers. In other words, you may not need to change the spark plugs at all during the time you use the car. Of course, the price of iridium spark plugs has also increased, and more than 100 are cheap

if we encounter this kind of scenario in our life, which one is the most cost-effective. Don't even think about it. You must choose the cheapest and lowest end solution

is it the same with changing spark plugs? Let's settle the accounts

if you are using the cheapest nickel alloy spark plug now, let's assume it's 20 yuan a piece. If your machine is a four cylinder machine, you have to change it for 80 yuan. And then add a hundred yuan of such hourly fees, you have to give someone else the technician money, right. It's 180 yuan a time, but you have to change it six times for 120000 kilometers. 3. Goldman Sachs low temperature trough features: it's 1080 yuan. Oh, it looks like a lot of money

but if you use a platinum spark plug with a service life of 80000 kilometers, you only need to change it 1.5 times for 120000 kilometers, and each time you change four, we will calculate 90 yuan for each, a total of 360 yuan, and then add 100 yuan of labor fee. In this way, you need to spend 6900 yuan for 120000 kilometers

what about the most expensive iridium? It looks really expensive. You only need to change it once, four at a time. 480 yuan plus 100 yuan of labor fee, so you only need to spend 580 yuan

with such a comparison, you will understand! I found that iridium is still the most expensive spark plug, which is more cost-effective. Life itself is very long, so long that you may sell the car without changing the spark plug. Most importantly, it can save a lot of labor costs

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