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Analysis of the charm, vitality and pressure of offset printing (Part I)

the status of charming offset printing in today's printing market cannot be shaken by other printing methods. In every place where we live and work, there are traces and shadows of offset marks, packaging cartons, labels, stationery, clothing tags, etc., which are simply countless. It is the charm of offset printing that makes the world brighter

lifelike image reproduction and delicate tone are the charm of offset printing. Liuxuanqiang, chairman of Yonghong printing, said, "compared with gravure printing, offset printing used to reproduce a small color gamut, but after the adoption of color management system, the color of offset printing products has been improved a lot. In addition, FM plus technology can make the image hierarchy and color reproduction richer." With the help of color management technology and direct plate making technology, offset printing has helped Yonghong make its business more and more prosperous. Now Yonghong has done business all over the world, and its customers are mainly large professional retailers and other customers around the world

Mr. Liu said, "offset printing adopts color management technology, and it is more convenient to change the version than gravure printing. After printing, 90% of the products meet the requirements of customers." At present, Yonghong's offset printing business involves industrial packaging (color boxes) and clothing accessories (tags, clothing labels), as well as color cards (greeting cards)

Mr. Liu felt deeply about the charm of offset printing, "it is the color management technology and modern plate making technology that make offset printing in the printing market like a duck to water."

a few years ago, when hybrid ink offset printing technology appeared, it was once regarded as a flash in the pan. Now, with the progress of UV offset printing technology, hybrid ink offset printing technology combined with online UV high-speed glazing has been more and more respected in the market, because it realizes online high-speed UV glazing of offset printing machines, which can leave a silky luster on prints and produce a new texture. For example, Williamson printing company, located in Dallas, USA, undertook to print an album called "beyond the horizon" produced by Heidelberg USA company, in which many colorful effects created by mixed ink printing, online glazing and UV glazing are displayed. Williamson printing company won the "Bennie" award in the U.S. printing industry because they created "printing effects that others think will never be achieved" with new offset printing technology

now, UV offset printing technology has shown unprecedented prosperity in the global printing market. In China, UV offset printing was mainly used in cigarette bags, wine bags and other high-end packaging. With the progress of UV offset printing technology, UV offset printing is quietly penetrating into other printing markets, and smart printing houses have targeted some special markets

in the printing circle in northern China, Beijing colorful printing Co., Ltd. is a little famous. Using the delicate color reproduction ability of offset printing and UV offset printing technology, they are fully exploring the commercial printing and packaging printing market. 3D printing, in mold label printing, synthetic paper printing and plastic sheet printing are all products with high added value developed by colorful. Plastic folder printing is a typical product. Plastic folders used to be products without any printing color. Now UV offset printing technology and UV glazing technology are used, and the company's logo and slogan are printed on the plastic folders, giving the once humble plastic folders gorgeous colors and new value. It is the charm of UV offset printing that makes colorful find a new way to help colorful develop alienated and value-added products

aishengya (Suzhou) commodity packaging Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the internationally renowned SCA group. From packaging structure design, decoration design, printing to packaging, logistics, etc., to provide integrated packaging solutions (TPS) and services for internationally renowned companies

using the group's global design resources, aishengya gives full play to the delicate characteristics of offset printing to restore color images, and directly offset printing on micro corrugated board to create packaging color boxes and POP display shelves with strong visual impact. At present, the large POP display shelves printed by aishengya have been exported to American supermarkets, and international well-known manufacturers such as Siemens and Unilever are also partners of aishengya

Feng Bing, general manager of aishengya (Suzhou) commodity packaging Co., Ltd., said happily, "We use high poly Bida 142 five color plus light, a large-scale sheet fed offset printing machine, to print micro corrugated cardboard, mainly to make some large color boxes. In the packaging market, it is a trend for micro corrugated boxes to replace cardboard color boxes, because the traditional color boxes use high quantitative cardboard, with poor compression resistance; while the micro corrugated boxes are made of low quantitative paper, and then printed directly by offset printing. The products are very beautiful, which is a A trend. "

at present, offset printing plays an important role in the overall packaging scheme of aishengya, because the wonderful offset printing has verified the sentence: "good packaging is half of sales", and offset printing has become an important means of value-added packaging and printing

vitality although offset printing has gone through a hundred years and entered a mature development period, innovation has always been the source of vitality of offset printing, and has become the driving force for the development of offset printing continuous plastic engine that will be used to finish the race on the racing track. Drupa, which is held every four years, has become the exhibition stage of offset printing innovative technology. Many offset printing innovative technologies start from here and go to the world

first of all, in terms of printing colors, there are more and more offset color groups, and the configuration is getting higher and higher. It is not surprising that one offset press plus glazing unit has reached 11 units. For example, gaobao's longest folio offset press is configured with 14 units for high-quality double-sided printing and glazing

in packaging and printing, online glazing is becoming increasingly popular and has become a fashion of packaging and printing. The high configuration of equipment has given flexible and value-added elements to packaging offset printing, which has made a major breakthrough in the printing effect of continuously promoting the construction of innovative cities for many years. However, some small enterprises cut corners and substitute inferior products for good products, such as local glazing, reverse glazing, gold (silver) glazing, pearlescent glazing, water-based glazing, protective glazing, and wiping, foaming or smelling glazing, can be achieved

secondly, the printing format tends to be large, which meets the needs of commercial prints, large format posters, POP display shelves and micro corrugated boxes for large format printing. For example, gaobaoli Bida 205 offset press has a maximum printing area of 1510mm × 2050mm, which meets the printing needs of super large packaging

the rise of offset machine connection processing technology makes offset printing vibrant

the connecting cutting device is a highlight of the offset press. The Heidelberg xl105 and Roland Roland 700 sheet fed offset press can be equipped with connecting cutting devices, so that the sheet fed offset press can also use web paper, and the raw material cost is reduced by 20%. In line cutting technology is also found in gaobao's ultra large format sheet fed offset press, libida 205 and libida 185. They are equipped with cutting devices on the imprint cylinder of the last unit, which can cut printed matter in line

in line hot stamping is to add a cold hot stamping device behind the offset printing unit. The hot stamping foil is wrapped on the total value drum that can only confirm the wear of each friction surface by the rubber indirect measurement method. Through the counter pressure of the rubber drum and the embossing drum, the pictures and texts coated with adhesive are bonded with the hot stamping foil. The hot stamping unit can also be used as an ordinary unit. This technology has been applied to Roland 700, which is most suitable for packaging and printing

the last unit of the offset press is equipped with a die-cutting indentation plate, which can be used for post press molding processing of connecting lines. Many other machines are equipped with on-line hole punching and numbering devices, and even equipped with corona treatment units to facilitate the printing of plastic, film, concave convex film and other materials with low surface adhesion

line detection is to install a camera on the last color deck of the printing machine to carry out video detection on the printed matter. It can detect the quality of each print sheet and the size of the print sheet when the offset press is running at high speed; It can also detect printing color density, overprint, etc. This line detection device reduces the printing scrap rate

digital technology has infiltrated into printing technology, making the dream of offset press association a reality. With the help of JDF, offset printing technology has entered a new era

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