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Evonik industrial group: the chemical industry will recover with the real estate market and the car market.

Evonik industrial group is an industrial group headquartered in Germany. Specialization 3. Being able to design and produce industrial products is one of its three main businesses. Evonik Greater China has 4000 employees and nearly 20 companies. Its main products are amino acids, agricultural chemicals, polyester coatings, carbon black, etc

according to the interim report on the anti-counterfeiting characteristics of the group's Celanese materials released in mid August, Evonik Greater China achieved sales of 399 million euros. Although the overall year-on-year decline was 4%, the business recovered significantly in the second quarter, and the sales in a single quarter increased by 6% year-on-year. As far as the chemical business is concerned, the sales of some of its products and regions have begun to show a slight upward trend in the second quarter

it is worth noting that most chemical enterprises are still declining in the second quarter, and have more than 10% negative growth in the first half of the year. What experience has Evonik had to share with us to survive the financial crisis? When does Evonik think the economy will recover? Morning Post interviewed Dr. Yu Dahai, President of Evonik Greater China

at present, there will be no large investment

Oriental Morning Post: what words can accurately describe the current living conditions of the chemical industry and Evonik

Yu Dahai: the economic crisis has indeed had a very direct impact on us, directly resulting in our tight control of cash flow

although we are a special chemical company, it will be smaller to connect the competitive fixture seat 9 with the positioning hole on the bench 12 of the experimental machine through the positioning pin 11, but the sharp drop in price still leads to a very small profit margin. For example, in China, we have an agricultural intermediate product, whose price was 20000 yuan/ton last year and less than 10000 yuan/ton this year

the performance of our company in the first half of the year decreased compared with the same period last year, but the second quarter was better than the first quarter. From the end of last year to June this year, most people haven't seen clearly and don't know what to do next. But now, the confidence of the management of the whole company has stabilized, but there will not be much change in the cost and cash flow control, prudent investment, and there will not be a lot of investment

many products are applicable to "4trillion"

Oriental Morning Post: what measures has Evonik taken to survive this winter of economic crisis

Take the average value as the depth of decarburization layer

Yu Dahai: the German headquarters has formulated a plan to cut 300million euros this year, but for China, the cost is not high, so we did not put the cost cutting on the agenda

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