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Building a new smile curve industrial interconnection has become a new favorite

"when I woke up, I found that we have changed from a manufacturing company to a software and data company." Immelt, the former chairman of Ge in the United States, is often used to describe the vastness of digital transformation

in recent years, GE has continued to focus on its digital business, formed a huge software business sector, and actively embraced new technologies such as industrial interconnection. Its competitor, Siemens AG, has also created its own "digital" territory through multiple acquisitions

China industry daily once quoted the view of the relevant person in charge of the Ministry of industry and information technology that at present, the global manufacturing industry is in a major stage of change, and the traditional manufacturing industry is accelerating to the direction of intelligence. In China, the manufacturing industry is also actively exploring the opportunities and challenges brought by a new round of industrial reform and technological revolution

in the past two years, the field of industrial interconnection has developed in full swing. According to incomplete statistics, more than 80 domestic manufacturers are committed to the technological and ecological development of industrial interconnection platforms, intending to occupy a place before the industrial interconnection industry forms a high threshold competition

From the perspective of competition pattern, global industrial interconnection is in the critical period of undetermined pattern, the window period of large-scale expansion, and the opportunity period of seizing dominance. Manufacturers from different fields are combining their own advantages to weave an expanding and rich industrial interconnection

the accelerated development of industrial interconnection, on the one hand, benefited from the promotion of Chongqing customers who came to our factory to buy experimental machines yesterday, on the other hand, it came from the intelligent upgrading of traditional manufacturing industry and the rise of large-scale consumer market, which jointly promoted the rapid growth of industrial interconnection industry in the wave of cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence and other technologies

in this process, gepredix and Siemens mindshpere, which started in the automation field, are going hand in hand; Ptcthingworx and sapleonador, who were born in the field of industrial software, developed industrial interconnection based on the perspective of software application; Sany cloud platform developed by domestic manufacturing enterprises and Haier cosmoplat cut into industrial interconnection from industrial application; In addition, Alibaba cloud et industrial brain, a representative of the Internet field, enables industrial interconnection by mining data value to help enterprises achieve intelligent dimension upgrading

"the entry points of these manufacturers are different, and their technologies and strategies are also very different, but they have combined their own advantages to participate in the competition for industrial interconnection platforms."

build advantages

the traditional smile curve divides the industrial chain into three segments, namely R & D and design, production and manufacturing, marketing and service. Limited by traditional technical means and modes, the added value of production and manufacturing links in the middle of the smile curve is often low. Manufacturers always pursue upgrading to both ends of R & D and design and brand marketing to maximize benefits

however, with the evolution of time, the knowledge bonus, mode bonus and it/ot integration bonus brought by cloud computing, big data, IOT, artificial intelligence and other technologies are changing this situation and giving birth to an enhanced smile curve

Therefore, in the selection of materials, we should consider adopting plastic varieties with high thermal conductivity

in the view of Liu Song, vice president of the industrial interconnection industry alliance and vice president of Alibaba group, there is a typical misunderstanding in the current development trend of industrial interconnection, that is, it is too focused on the smart factory itself, and on the superposition of OT technology and it technology. The integration of OT technology and it technology can certainly improve the production and manufacturing links of the smile curve, but it is not all, or even only a small part, of the value that industrial interconnection can bring

in fact, on the left side of the smile curve, it can help millions of engineers improve the accumulation efficiency of industrial knowledge and form knowledge dividends through interconnection, collaboration and artificial intelligence; On the right side of the smile curve, Internet technology has stimulated the potential of billions of consumers, which can promote the development of consumer manufacturing in a user driven way and form a pattern dividend

Liu Song believes that the significance of industrial interconnection lies in the fact that through the accumulation of key technologies in the field of mobile interconnection for more than ten years and the superposition with traditional manufacturing businesses, it will bring greater gains in the three areas of R & D and design, production and manufacturing, marketing and service of the maintenance skills of smile curve universal material testing machine. This is the value that industrial interconnection has given enhanced smile curve manufacturers to use access, word, Excel, reader, notepad and other frequently used homework software to record experimental data and curves

aim at upgrading

at this stage, through the integration of it/ot technology, many enterprises have built digital chemical plants, built intelligent production lines, and began to embark on the road of industrial intelligence

this is also the strategic direction that most industrial Internet platform suppliers are committed to at present

Liu Song believes that it is equally important to help industrial enterprises understand the value of data and realize intelligent dimension upgrading, and even bring more significant value. Theoretically, the business and management process of modern enterprises can be digitalized. The production line of enterprises flows not only products, but also data. What is the value of these data? How to use it effectively

Liu Song said that taking the initiative to carry out reform under the known mode is transformation and upgrading, while realizing innovation and bringing value in unknown fields is intelligent upgrading. Alibaba cloud industrial Internet platform is to intelligently upgrade traditional industrial enterprises through data and algorithms

some time ago, Alibaba's recruitment information at a special machinery job fair attracted widespread attention in the industry: the recruitment object is the worker teacher with more than 10 years of experience, and the hired worker master will become Alibaba cloud "et brain industrial trainer/et brain business expert"

not only that, Alibaba cloud is also the first company to sink its R & D business into the enterprise workshop. In the ET industrial brain project, it has become normal for Alibaba cloud Algorithm Engineers to go down to the factory workshop to write code. The combination of leading data science and the experience of front-line workers in the workshop has become a magic weapon for Alibaba cloud's industrial interconnection strategy

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