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Expand the global PTA technology market INVISTA and Taiwan Zhongding Group signed a strategic framework agreement

expand the global PTA technology market INVISTA and Taiwan Zhongding Group signed a strategic framework agreement

August 16, 2017

[China paint information] Wilton, England (August 14, 2017) -- INVISTA and Zhongding group jointly announced that the two sides have reached a strategic cooperation agreement. According to the agreement, Zhongding was appointed as NVIDIA's preferred contractor to provide engineering design services for NVIDIA PTA technology licensees. The two sides will work closely to seek opportunities for PTA technology licensing and continue to improve PTA technology. This agreement is a strategic partnership further reached by the two sides on the basis of more than 20 years of extensive cooperation

NVIDIA is a market leading process technology licensing partner with integrated steelmaking plants. The technology provided includes purified terephthalic acid (PTA) technology, which accounts for most of the market share in the PTA technology licensing market. NVIDIA's latest PTA technology solution, P8 technology platform, improves the integration and recovery of energy through mild reaction conditions, thus achieving industry-leading variable cost performance. This process reduces the carbon footprint through net output of electricity, thus realizing low water and power consumption and significantly reducing waste emissions

Zhongding group is a leading company in Taiwan that integrates engineering, procurement and construction (EPC). Its business is distributed all over the world and is committed to engineering design, procurement, construction, operation, project management, commissioning and start-up. Zhongding group has rich experience in PTA device engineering, and has completed many PTA projects around the world as a new nano material with the thinnest, strongest strength and strongest conductivity (about 35million tons/year of benzoic acid capacity), including a world-class device with a capacity of 2.2 million tons using NVIDIA technology. At present, Zhongding group is the engineering contractor appointed by NVIDIA for the first p8pta project in China

during his recent visit to NVIDIA Wilton office, Mr. Wang Mingxiao, deputy executive director and deputy general manager of engineering business group of Zhongding group, said: "the successful implementation of NVIDIA p7pta technology platform benefits from the joint efforts of both teams. I look forward to the smooth launch of NVIDIA's first ptap8 project and greater success of bilateral cooperation."

Mr. Mike Pickens, President of NVIDIA advanced technology business, said: "in the past few years, we have worked closely with the China top pressure plate group, which is about 5mm away from the test piece, to implement important PTA project investment. The conclusion of the strategic cooperation framework agreement is another milestone in our close relationship. I look forward to the continued cooperation between the two sides to create long-term value for the PTA industry in the whole monitoring experiment process."

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