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Enter Southeast Asia Yibin pulp and paper machinery manufacturing industry to speed up

recently, in Chengbei Park, Xiangjiaba industrial concentration area, Yibin County, we saw that the overall relocation and technical transformation project of Yibin Paper Machinery Factory of China building materials light machinery group began to speed up, and the new large-scale CNC boring and milling machine tools were being installed and commissioned. Lin Ruizhi, the assistant director of the factory who is responsible for the on-site construction, told: "our factory has invested 300million yuan to implement the overall relocation and technical transformation project, which will be put into operation at the end of the month. At that time, Yibin will become a complete equipment manufacturing base for pulp and paper machinery in China."

it is understood that Yibin Paper Machine Factory is a state-owned enterprise owned by the central enterprise China building materials light machinery group, which must be eliminated first. It is one of the largest professional paper machine factories in central and southern China and southwest China. At present, the enterprise has a complete set of processing and testing means, a strong technology research and development center, a CAD computer-aided design workstation and a product data management system (PDM). The enterprise has passed the ISO9001:2000 quality system certification, has the right to self import and export, has an annual production capacity of 5000 tons, and its main products are various paper machines with a width of less than 4800 mm and a speed of less than 600 m/min, It has formed a product system with 9 series, more than 180 models and dozens of new technologies, and has the advanced technical level of medium-sized papermaking equipment. The factory has 350 sets of large and medium-sized mechanical processing equipment in Western Europe, northern Europe, Japan and other countries and in China. The paper production line has been exported to Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam, Egypt, Malaysia and other countries. The models include paperboard machine, pulp machine, cultural paper machine, toilet paper machine. The 3600 paper machine exported to Myanmar is the paper machine with the widest paper width and the highest output in the export of paper machinery since the founding of new China One of the complete machine products with relatively advanced technology and equipment, with a single machine cost of more than 21 million yuan, represents the advanced level of medium-sized papermaking equipment in China

in order to achieve advantage expansion, Yibin Paper machine factory has formulated an overall relocation and technological transformation plan. On June 2, 2007, however, due to technical and technological problems, the factory signed the investment agreement for the overall relocation project of Yibin Paper Machinery Factory with the people's Government of Yibin County, and held the foundation laying ceremony for the overall relocation and technological transformation project on December 12 last year. The project is carried out in two phases, with an investment of 180million yuan in the first phase and 120million yuan in the second phase. The annual production capacity is 9000 tons, the sales revenue will reach 400million yuan, the profit will be more than 60million yuan, and the total profit and tax will be 90million yuan. At present, the recycling price of 1 ton of waste is more than 1800 ⑶ 500 yuan/ton

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