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Opening a new era of UHV construction

UHV AC and DC is not only a theory, but also a fruit summarized by applying the theory to engineering practice and through more comprehensive and deeper analysis and re innovation of UHV technology

when the world is connected by the Internet, as we have seen and experienced, we can know what is happening at the other end of the world with a click of the mouse. We can shop without even going to the mall. The Internet has changed our life. In fact, in order to make the world a better place, many things are quietly changing, and the most closely related to people's lives is electricity. With the in-depth development of China's economy and society, the contradiction between the reverse distribution of energy bases and power load centers has become increasingly prominent, which urgently requires the realization of economic and efficient large-scale transmission and large-scale consumption of electricity. The construction of UHV power is to meet the objective requirements of large-scale, long-distance, high-efficiency power transmission and ensuring energy supply. This is the best practice for building an ecological civilized society in China

in January 2009, with the successful operation of the 1000 kV high voltage AC test demonstration project in Nanyang, Southeast Shanxi Province, China has perfectly realized the transformation from the world to the world in the field of power transmission. 1. Regularly review whether there is oil leakage at the main engine and oil source, and truly follow up to the leader. In this process, many people of insight, including experts from the power industry, major universities and enterprises, and many industry insiders all over the world, have done a lot of work in the field of UHV, made outstanding contributions to the development of UHV technology, from theory to practice, and laid a solid foundation for China's UHV technology to the world. It is in the process of combining arduous theory with engineering practice that we have formed a series of new technologies and ideas with China's independent intellectual property rights, which are often tested. The book "UHV AC and DC" is the continuation of the previous book "UHV power", which further optimizes the industrial structure of the whole province. On the basis of the previous book's full demonstration of the necessity and feasibility of carrying out UHV project construction, it makes a comprehensive summary of the UHV project construction that has been carried out in China. It is not only a confirmation of the content of "UHV power", but also a planning and outlook for the future development of UHV power

if "UHV" is the first step for us to take in the theory and practice of UHV technology innovation, then "UHV AC and DC" is not only a theory, but also a fruit summarized by applying the theory to engineering practice, and through more comprehensive and deeper analysis and re innovation of UHV technology. Since the first UHV AC test demonstration project was approved in August 2006, and was completed and put into operation in January 2009, in just a few years, four UHV lines have been put into operation, including Xiangjiaba Shanghai 800 kV HVDC transmission demonstration project, Huainan Wannan Zhejiang North Shanghai West 1000 kV AC transmission project, and at the same time, many UHV AC and DC lines are about to be put into operation or under construction. In this process, China has made a series of remarkable technological innovations, overcome and broken through a series of world-wide technical problems, independently developed a series of key equipment such as UHV series compensation and DC converter valve with world-leading level, formed systematic standards and specifications, comprehensively mastered UHV AC and DC transmission technology, and its comprehensive level exceeded that of developed countries

the whole book of UHV AC and DC is divided into 12 chapters, which discusses in detail the development history, current interconnection status and future development trend of electricity; From the perspective of technology, this paper introduces in detail the technology and equipment preparation work carried out for the construction of UHV projects in China, the overview, equipment selection, commissioning and operation of UHV AC and DC projects built and under construction by State Grid Corporation of China, analyzes the UHV test facilities and test capabilities in China, and comprehensively summarizes the development process of UHV transmission technology in China from 2004 to now from many perspectives; This paper analyzes in simple terms a series of problems that need to be solved in the development of UHV AC/DC transmission, as well as the work and achievements that China has carried out on these problems. From these introductions, we can see that China has made great contributions to the development of UHV transmission technology and promoted the development of global transmission technology and energy conservation and environmental protection

this book thoroughly and carefully summarizes the standard system established on the basis of technological innovation and engineering practice and important breakthroughs in standard internationalization. As we all know, today's world-class enterprises make standards, and only with the improvement of advanced technical standards as the guide, can enterprise development be in an invincible position. Through theoretical research and engineering practice, China is the first country in the world to put forward a comprehensive, systematic, coordinated and reasonable UHV AC transmission technology standard system, which comprehensively covers 77 standards in seven categories: basic general, environmental protection, planning and design, equipment and materials, engineering construction, measurement and testing, operation and maintenance. In terms of UHV DC projects, the world's first 800 kV high-voltage DC complete set of standards including 64 standards has been established. The standardization of UHV AC transmission technology in China is advancing towards internationalization, and a number of technical achievements have been adopted by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), the International Conference on electricity and electronics, the world's authoritative academic organizations such as the society of engineers, and China's UHV AC standard voltage has been adopted by IEC. The internationalization of the standard means that the practice of UHV in China is gradually recognized internationally, and it also lays the foundation for UHV technology to go global

(the author is the president of China Electric Power Research Institute)

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