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Building a new generation of energy-saving data center Delta infrasuite helps accelerate the development of the financial industry

delta group, a leading provider of integrated data center infrastructure solutions in China, was recently invited to participate in the 2013 financial data center expansion and technology application summit held in Renaissance Shanghai Chunda Hotel, and made a keynote speech on building a new generation of financial data center, He shared with many participants the new opportunities and challenges faced by the current construction of data centers in the financial industry, as well as the green, energy-saving, reliable and stable Delta infrasuite data center solution carefully created by the company for the financial industry

today, as the Internet enters the cloud era, the Internet environment faced by the financial industry is becoming more complex and changeable, and the challenges it faces are also increasingly diverse. How to build a reliable, efficient and easy to manage data center network is crucial for China's financial industry in the transition period

financial data center challenges are increasing day by day

at present, the challenges faced by the construction of data centers in the financial industry are increasing day by day, especially in three aspects

first of all, for the financial industry, its application system is huge, complex and constantly updated. Eavesdropping, tampering and counterfeiting are not allowed in the process of system transmission. Therefore, once the data center equipment is shut down, it may cause high economic losses to enterprises. Extreme reliability is the primary requirement for building a new generation of data center in the financial industry. At the same time, the high energy consumption is also one of the major challenges faced by the data center. The huge energy consumption of the data center has led to the soaring electricity bill of enterprises, and the energy expenditure has increased by 10 ~ 20% every year. Saving electricity has become the focus of CIO of enterprises. In addition, the trend of cloud computing, virtualization and centralization in the data center makes the complexity of computer room management increase day by day. According to Gartner research, without effective energy management, the annual operating cost of the computer room will increase by more than 20%. Therefore, effective data center monitoring and management is indispensable

there are many outdated designs in the previous data center construction, such as high operating costs (low efficiency, high power consumption, high maintenance costs); The system is easy to shut down, affecting the operation and corporate image; The establishment time is long, and it cannot keep up with the requirements of rapid change, short waiting time and continuous growth of the enterprise; Stereotyped design, the relocation of the machine room can not be reused, etc. The construction of new generation data centers will perfectly solve the problems existing in these old data centers

Delta infrasuite: best practice plan for new generation data centers

in order to help accelerate the development of China's financial industry, delta group, a global leader in power management and heat dissipation management, officially launched Delta infrasuite data center solutions based on the concept of integrated architecture and system module design in 2012, The scheme adopts a modular structure, which can flexibly plan the customer's data center based on the growth of the enterprise, and optimize the construction cost and operation cost; Energy efficient electricity "But when you can use it to increase the strength of one part by five times, the source configuration. This time, we will introduce the use and operation method of the friction and wear testing machine, which is in line with the concept of green machine room; a complete environmental management system, so that managers can easily master. The new generation data center built on the basis of this program has many advantages, such as extreme reliability, high efficiency and energy saving, centralized monitoring, and can effectively solve the development of data center Difficulties encountered

safe and reliable

Delta infrasuite scheme represents the industry best practice scheme required by the data center of the modern financial industry. The core equipment in the scheme, delta UPS, can support n+x or 2n+1 configuration, which conforms to the reliability level above tier 2 specified in TIA-942, so that the computer room can win key tasks. The X redundancy design in the scheme makes the failure of a single UPS not affect the overall output, which greatly improves the reliability of the system. In addition, the high-density cabinet equipped with infrasuite solution has advanced ventilation system, cable management, and intelligent power distribution unit PDU, which can maximize the reliability of the power distribution system

high efficiency and energy saving

Delta infrasuite solution includes intelligent modular cabinet, machine room precision air conditioner, high intelligent fault-tolerant ups and machine room environment monitoring, etc., all of which are high efficiency and energy-saving products

delta DPH series UPS products have high overall efficiency and excellent AC-AC operation efficiency. Under 30% and 50% load conditions, the overall AC-AC efficiency is 95% and 96% respectively, which can significantly save energy costs. DPH series UPS has the advantage of capacity expansion on demand, allowing customers to expand the equipment power according to their needs, ensuring the efficiency of the whole machine and improving the system reliability to the greatest extent. In addition to UPS power products, the rowcool chilled water precision air conditioner equipped in infrasuite has the remarkable characteristics of high efficiency and energy saving, and the energy-saving effect is better than air cooling or refrigerant system. The design of air conditioning cabinet can cool nearby; Horizontal air supply shortens the distance between the air conditioner and the server, solves the problems of uneven distribution of heat sources and high thermal power density, and can more effectively adjust the temperature of the machine room and reduce unnecessary air conditioning energy consumption for enterprises. Moreover, the fan speed can be automatically adjusted according to the actual workload to reduce the power loss during off peak period. With the design of three-way control valve group, the cooling system can be used for variable flow control. Therefore, it can save huge air conditioning and refrigeration costs for enterprises, with energy-saving benefits of more than 25%

centralized monitoring

Delta infrasuite adopts an integrated management system. Infrasuite manager data center management system can realize five functions: plan management, energy management, report management, asset management and preservation management. By providing central control environmental monitor equipment, the overall environmental status of the entire data center can be collected for centralized control and management, which can meet various needs such as monitoring, historical data statistical analysis, ice water host energy consumption calculation, pue analysis, electricity price structure analysis, etc., comprehensively integrate and analyze the environment, security, energy efficiency of the data center, and review the information of relevant materials and networks, Delta group, the best guardian of the data center, has been established for more than 40 years. It has long been committed to power management and efficient energy-saving solutions. With more than 15 years of UPS design and manufacturing experience, it is one of the top ten UPS manufacturers in the world and the top five UPS manufacturers in Asia. Over the years, Delta has taken environmental protection, energy conservation and love for the earth as its business mission, and has tirelessly done a lot of work in energy conservation and emission reduction. The launch of delta infrasutie program is another new milestone masterpiece of delta Critical Infrastructure Division (MCIS)

looking forward to the future, Delta infrasuite data center solutions will continue to adhere to the five value propositions of high management, modularity, integration, energy efficiency, and high reliability, so as to help financial users build a suitable new generation of data centers and become their competitive source power with optimized cost-effectiveness. Delta infrasuite solution will become a new generation of data center computer room solution welcomed by users in the financial industry! Five major companies in the world produce poly (aryl ether ketone)

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