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Build a safe ecosystem - the 17th information security conference 2016 adopts the theme

from smart city to intelligent manufacturing, from personal consumption to industrial applications, from underlying chips to information systems, all fields and light transmittance are second only to plexiglass. In this context, information security has risen to the national strategy, and strengthening the construction of information security has become an important guarantee for urban construction and industrial upgrading

According to IDC's report, the investment in information security market is gradually increasing, and the domestic market is booming. In 2015, the growth rate of China's IT security market reached 15.3%, with a scale of $1434.9 million. The rapid development of the security market is mainly due to the rapid growth in the demand for security software and hardware products in the government, military industry, finance, telecommunications and other industries

from the IT era to the DT era, policy driven factors, coupled with the urgent needs of industry users for security, will continue to promote the innovation and development of the security market. There are some new trends in the security market, such as: customers used to buy Security software and hardware, but now they buy security services; Meeting the compliance requirements has become the main driving force for the growth of the security market; New applications promote rapid iteration and upgrading of safety products; Security solutions based on big data analysis technology will be popular; Enterprise mobile security is highly valued

security is no longer the business of the enterprise itself. Security is no longer just hardware. Security needs to be more comprehensive. Security needs the help of big data technology, and security needs to establish a strong ecosystem. Network security and informatization are two wings of one and two driving wheels, which must be planned, deployed and promoted in a unified way

since the first China information security conference was held by China Institute of electronic information industry development in 2000, it has been successfully held for 16 times last year. The theme of this conference is big industry, big ecology and big security. Industry experts, enterprises and user representatives discuss the development trend of the industry, information technology and application, market opportunities and challenges

this security conference invited shenchangxiang, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, Wang Peng, vice president of the Chinese Academy of Electronic Information Industry Development Research Institute, Liu Zongbin, senior engineer of the State Key Laboratory of information security of the Institute of information engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Huo Yutao, director of the Institute of integrated circuits of CCID think tank, Guo Xiaobo, director of the certificate Technology Department of the first Research Institute of the Ministry of public security, Wang Chuang, director of the Network Security Research Office of the Institute of cyberspace of CCID think tank Zeng Jin, assistant director of China Software Evaluation Center; Lin Xiaodong, general manager of Baidu commercial security department; Yang Yubin, chief technology officer of Landun Information Security Technology Co., Ltd.; Gao Zhenyu, chairman of Dongfang Bodun (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd.; Lian Zaohua, senior consultant of central enterprise business department of Hangzhou Huatu Software Co., Ltd.; chairman of Hengda Technology Group Co., Ltd.; He Ping, chief engineer of H3C security products department; Zheng Lingpeng, deputy general manager of winute He fan, senior technical consultant of forepoint, and Ji Jianxin, vice president of Beijing zhongkewei Information Technology Co., Ltd., and other academic experts, enterprise representatives and media people. In addition, many investors also came to the conference and built a good platform for Industry Research docking

This year is the 17th year since the establishment of the China Information Security Conference in 2000. It is one of the most influential conferences in the field of information security in China. Over the past 17 years, China's informatization has developed rapidly, and information technologies such as Internet and cloud computing have been widely used. The cross-border integration of Internet has been deepened, and social and economic development has become increasingly dependent on the network. At the same time, the network security situation is also increasingly complex and severe. With the emergence of new network attacks, the impact of network security on politics, economy, culture, military and other fields is becoming increasingly obvious. Network security issues are increasingly difficult to solve with traditional thinking and means, and need to be investigated from the perspective of large industry, large ecology, and large security. With this as the theme, this session aims to build an important platform for exchanging network security situations and solutions, so that people in the industry can jointly discuss the construction and development of network security industry and ecosystem

in recent years, the CPC Central Committee and the State Council have paid increasing attention to network security. Network security has been regarded as an important part of national security and has been elevated to the height of national strategy. In the face of organized large-scale network attacks and the security challenges brought about by the application of a new generation of information technology, Wang Peng, vice president of China Electronic Information Industry Development Research Institute, believes that there are still many weak links in China's network security defense, which are mainly manifested in three points. First, core technology is controlled by others. If this situation continues for a long time, China's network security will be as unprotected as a castle built on the beach. Secondly, China's network security monitoring, early warning, response and recovery capabilities are insufficient, especially in the case of the penetration of interconnection hazards into the industrial control system, the security protection of key information infrastructure in China still mainly stays at the periphery, rather than starting from the root cause of security problems, which makes it impossible to prevent network security threats. Finally, with the development and application of mobile Internet, cloud computing, big data and other new generation information technologies, data information resources have gradually become the basic strategic resources of the country. However, the problem of data leakage in China is serious, the data security guarantee system is not perfect, the research and development of data leakage prevention, cloud platform data security and other technologies are not sufficient, and there is a lack of data flow privacy protection and a series of laws and regulations

at present, our network security defense should not only start from the information system, but also from the information technology products and their components, information technology services. This requires not only the efforts of network security enterprises, but also the joint efforts of information technology products and service providers, information system integrators and other subjects, which constitute what we call big industry, big ecology and big security today

build an active immune security system

public entrepreneurship, innovation and other related policies have played a vital role in China's economic development. However, it is worth pondering how to embody innovation, especially in the field of network security and information security, we need to innovatively build our network security guarantee system. First, this guarantee system must be credible. Credibility refers to active immunization. In 2015, Shen Changxiang, an academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, published an article entitled "building network security with trusted computing". The article emphasizes that only when it is credible and available can it be safely protected, active immunization can be effectively protected, and independent innovation can be safe and controllable

network space security has become a national first-class discipline, which is an interdisciplinary discipline integrating mathematics, computing, communication, control and other disciplines. Shen Changxiang said: our awareness of network security is limited. IT systems can complete limited tasks, but the system logic may not be complete, so it may be used by some individuals or groups to attack

Shen Changxiang believes that relying only on anti-virus software, firewall and IPS is obsolete, because such passive blocking cannot solve practical problems. What should we do then? We need to find an active immune method to solve the security problems we face

so what is trusted computing? Shen Changxiang said that it is active immunity, which can also be called trusted immune computing model. Credibility refers to the security protection during the calculation, so that the calculation result is always the same as expected, and the whole calculation process can be measured and controlled without interference. It is a new computing mode of active immunity with both computing and protection. It can use genetic code for active identification, storage and management

in the era when cloud computing, big data and mobile Internet technology are widely used, active immune trusted computing can make the operation behavior, resource allocation, digital storage, digital management and so on not be tampered with and achieve credibility. In this way, a reliable defense system can be formed to ensure a good computing environment

in terms of innovation, Shen Changxiang summarized it as two innovations: the first is the innovation of passwords, and the second is the innovation of systems. In addition, an immune system must be established. This immune system must be fused with the motherboard and highly fused on the machine

there is already a solid foundation for the commercialization of safe and reliable technologies, but industrialization and marketization must be further promoted by an alliance. On April 16, 2014, Zhongguancun trusted computing industry alliance was established and now has more than 180 members. Shen Changxiang summed up the current situation and development trend of trusted computing in China in two sentences: first, China's trusted computing has become the core technology to protect national cyberspace sovereignty; second, China's trusted computing is the focus of the world's cyberspace struggle. Shen Changxiang added: from the perspective of application, we have built a safe and reliable system. However, light construction is not enough. We should use it and seize the commanding height of safe and reliable network space

how to seize this commanding height? Shen Changxiang believes that we should adhere to the following points:

first, we should digest and analyze the important source code, and then make it available

second, it involves security control problems, which must be reconstructed

third, more bugs are likely to appear after reconstruction, which may be more unsafe. Make sure that these bugs are not used

fourth, be available. We should not only innovate independently, but also apply existing excellent products under controllable conditions

fifth, we should actively apply for intellectual property protection

through military civilian integration, the new computer and network systems are based on credibility, and the original system can be trusted and controllable through transformation. There are two ways of transformation, one is by installing trusted authentication cards, and the other is by installing trusted modules. Therefore, the current credible and controllable technology route in China adopts the integration of the new and the old. The new is credible from the root, and the old is transformed to build a credible information system

when our system has system management and security management, once a new attack is found, the system will actively identify the abnormal code, and the abnormal behavior will be immediately controlled. This is the role of the active immune system. If we do a good job in security, credibility and controllability, our network information security researchers can undertake the important task of building a network security system for the country

legal documents ensure the credibility of the network system

recently, a series of cases such as telecommunications fraud and financial fraud have become the focus of social discussion. In the Internet era, intelligent mobile terminals have become one of the main life application platforms for the public. All Chinese residents have a resident identity card. In addition, they may also have passports, Hong Kong and Macao passes and other documents. These are the legal identity documents of Chinese residents

in real society, Chinese residents need to prove their identity through legal documents when handling business in banks and taking flights. With the increase of users in China, the behavior of handling various businesses is also increasing. In addition to identity cards and other documents, what other ways can we prove the identity of these users and ensure the data security of users? This requires our country to establish a network credibility system

at present, reality and network have been integrated, and real social behavior has been extended to network society. There are many ways of online real name identity authentication. One is that the user himself goes to the counter with a valid identity certificate collection to receive an identity authentication carrier, such as u shield. Thereafter, recognize

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