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Finding a breakthrough in scientific and technological innovation, the instrument industry may usher in a new "change"

since entering the critical period of the 13th five year plan, scientific and technological innovation has been one of the hot topics in the development of various fields and industries. Under the new economic situation, the science and technology industry occupies an important position in the national economy. The state places scientific and technological innovation in an important position in national development, vigorously implements the strategic plan for development and innovation, and has created a large number of "national treasures" that amaze the world. At the same time, how to find a breakthrough in scientific and technological innovation and seek a new round of "change" in the industry has become the focus of attention of instrument people

at the beginning of 2018, Ningbo is accelerating the planning of a new round of scientific and technological innovation action plan: in the next five years, it will focus on promoting eight major projects of "scientific and technological innovation 2025", overcome more than 200 key core technologies, develop more than 100 strategic products, and promote the toughness and strength of such parts. It will strengthen the approval of 100 billion level emerging industries, and drive the competitiveness of the industry to achieve leapfrog development

on the road of seeking scientific and technological innovation, the state has made every effort to find breakthroughs one by one. With the promulgation and implementation of a series of national scientific and technological innovation policies, the development of scientific and technological innovation has become the new normal of the development of the science and technology industry. Previously, in order to implement the strategic deployment and policy planning such as the outline of the national innovation driven development strategy, the reform plan for deepening standardization work, the 13th five year plan for national scientific and technological innovation, and the national standardization system construction and development plan (2016-2020), and fully implement the technical standards strategy, the Ministry of science and technology, together with the Standards Commission and the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine, formulated the 13th five year plan for technical standards and scientific and technological innovation

at the same time, with China's increasingly improved strategic layout and the gradual improvement of technical and financial support for science and technology plans, a batch of scientific research achievements have emerged in the field of science and technology in China. And then the core breakthrough of scientific and technological innovation has become a hot topic for everyone. For the development of science and technology, core technology is the breakthrough of scientific and technological innovation. Whoever finds and grasps the key nodes of the development of core technology can occupy the leading position in the tide of innovation and development

as an important part of scientific and technological development, China's scientific research instrument industry. At present, the development of domestic instruments is highly valued by the state, and technological innovation and instrument innovation are frequently mentioned by insiders. It has also played a positive role in promoting the development of China's instrument industry under the launch and acceptance of various major national scientific research instrument development projects

next, with the acceleration of the modernization process, the national major scientific research instrument development project has played a positive role in ensuring economic and social development, national security and scientific and technological progress. China's major scientific instrument development projects play a guiding role in the field of high-precision scientific instrument development. The state continues to implement support policies in scientific and technological innovation and scientific and technological achievements, which will help China's scientific instruments and technology achieve phased breakthroughs

when it comes to scientific and technological innovation, the current innovation in the field of scientific research instruments has become a major trend in the development of the industry. Whether the original brand microcomputer is the overall social environment, the development trend of the industry, the improvement of user needs, etc., it is urgent for scientific research instruments to follow the trend and make innovations in time. The core technology has become a breakthrough in scientific and technological innovation. Therefore, to continuously develop sophisticated instruments, we must break through technological research and development, and let the core technology start switching technology become the decisive factor to attract users to buy instrument products. As a Chinese instrument enterprise, technological breakthrough is the core and long-term road of enterprise development. In the strategic layout of instrument enterprises, technological innovation and talent training must be the key, so as to promote the innovative research and development of scientific research instruments

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