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Entering the new field of smart IOT, small I robot has reached strategic cooperation with Bosch

throughout the history of China's construction sector, its scope of use is also very wide, and its initial form is the video, access control and alarm services of the security system. With the continuous popularization of intelligence, building technology is becoming more and more intelligent, extending from the traditional three core businesses of security video monitoring, anti-theft alarm and access control to machine vision, AI chips, algorithms, image sensing, biometrics and other fields, and integrating with public broadcasting, conference systems, fire protection systems and other fields to build a sustainable intelligent building

at the same time, with the acceleration of urban intellectualization in China, the market demand for intelligent buildings, especially intelligent security systems, is increasing. In the future, with the increasing penetration of smart security in finance, culture, education, health and other fields, China's smart security market still has a lot of room for improvement. It is estimated that the scale of China's smart security market will reach 650billion yuan by 2026. Investing in the smart security industry and complying with the development trend of security industry technology is not only a cross-border integration for small I robots, but also another landing practice of artificial intelligence and IOT technology, which represents grasping the opportunity and embracing the future

recently, xiaoi robot has reached a strategic partnership with Bosch intelligent building technology. Through long-term close cooperation, the two sides will give full play to the advantages accumulated in their respective product technologies and industries in the fields of smart security, smart energy management, smart IOT, data intelligence and so on, and carry out long-term and comprehensive strategic cooperation to cope with intelligent changes and achieve sustainable development

small I robot x Bosch strategic partner certificate the diamond special edition of vertusignature is inlaid with a whole or half row of diamond books on both sides of the fuselage

the construction cycle is 3 to 5 years, and it is built in three phases. Bosch intelligent building technology is a subsidiary of Bosch in China. As a world leading provider of security and communication products, solutions and services, Bosch intelligent building technology takes building intelligent solutions and building a better life as its mission, and takes protecting the human body Building and property safety is our responsibility, and we have a wide range of product lines, covering video surveillance, burglar alarm, access control and management, fire alarm, public address and emergency voice evacuation system, professional audio and conference system, etc

xiaoi robot is a representative commercial landing enterprise of cognitive intelligence in China. It has been deeply cultivated in the field of artificial intelligence for many years, has a number of core technologies of cognitive intelligence, has provided intelligent solutions and perfect landing service systems for hundreds of enterprises with all-round customer service, and has selected 30% glass Fiber Reinforced PEEK as the valve seat material of these devices in many saunder companies, with a leading market share in the vertical industries, More than 800 million end customers

small I robot will combine core intelligent products such as intelligent interactive platform, intelligent voice platform and knowledge fusion platform with Bosch's built-in intelligent video analysis camera to transform scene data into intelligent solutions, and jointly conduct in-depth analysis of customer data to realize customer portrait mining. This cross-border cooperation will use the industry advantages of both sides to realize complementary advantages, improve the competitiveness of both sides, jointly develop the market and create new industrial value

in the future, small I robots will join hands with Bosch in more intelligent products and technologies, go deep into vertical industries, work together to polish intelligent solutions based on practical application scenarios, inject AI power into all walks of life, and build a more beautiful life for people

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