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Improve the durability of parts BASF new light stabilizer release

for the needs of energy conservation and environmental protection, automobile lightweight is now the global trend, and plastic, as the vehicle material with the best lightweight effect, has naturally become the first choice for automobile manufacturing. However, auto parts made of plastic are prone to discoloration and embrittlement under long-term light, which will affect the appearance and performance of the car. Therefore, some processors will add light stabilizer and other plastic additives to the formula to maintain the long-term durability of the materials when producing plastic automobile components. As a chemical giant in this field, BASF recently held a media conference in Shanghai and launched two new light stabilizers, one of which is tinuvin 880, which is specially designed for the automotive industry and is mainly used to improve the long-term durability of plastic auto parts

improve the durability of various auto parts

tinuvin880. BASF's new generation of methylated hindered amine light stabilizer (HALS) is mainly used in the production of automotive interior trim parts such as instrument panel, door panel, central console, glove box, as well as automotive exterior trim parts such as bumper, side cladding, door pedal, etc. At present, automobile lightweight is in full swing all over the world. As the primary strategy for automobile enterprises to implement lightweight, plastic is more and more widely used in the automobile manufacturing process because of its advantages of light weight, high design freedom and lower cost

however, because many cars are parked in the open air for a long time, exposed to the sun and rain, especially exposed to the high temperature in summer, some plastic parts on the car, such as the center console, door panels, etc., are easy to age, change color, fade or brittleness, which reduces the aesthetics and stability. The emergence of light stabilizers is to eliminate these "short boards"

improve the durability of parts BASF new light stabilizer release

the new light stabilizer tinuvin 880 launched by BASF this time mainly maintains the long-term durability of automotive plastics in three aspects. First of all, with long-lasting UV resistance, tinuvin 880 can provide long-term UV protection for automotive materials. On the one hand, it filters harmful UV light, on the other hand, it acts as a free radical scavenger to prevent polymer aging, so that the plastic parts in the car can maintain their original appearance and good performance under long-term light conditions, and delay aging. Secondly, after the designer adds tinuvin880 to the formula, the thermal stability of automotive interior parts can be greatly improved without deformation caused by temperature. Moreover, this new light stabilizer can also effectively reduce mold scale, avoid the scratch resistant film sticking on the surface of plastic parts, and affect the appearance and touch of parts

however, compared with BASF's previous plastic additives, tinuvin880 has made technological progress in maintaining the durability of plastic auto parts and delaying aging. The relevant person in charge of the specific quantitative description revealed that it could not be released until it was unveiled at k exhibition

applicable to almost all OEM manufacturers

at present, there are many automobile manufacturers in the world, and different manufacturers choose different materials in the automobile manufacturing process. So in terms of "compatibility", how does BASF deal with this new light stabilizer

according to the relevant person in charge, there are indeed some differences in the selection of automotive materials in Europe, America and Asia due to different climatic environments, markets, etc. However, from a global perspective, there is still a major trend for automobile manufacturers to choose automotive materials, such as VOC volatilization, sticky surface of plastic materials, etc., which BASF has fully taken into account in its research and development

moreover, most of the plastic auto parts in the current market are mainly made of polypropylene, other thermoplastic polyolefins and styrene mixtures. BASF has carried out research and development on this basis, combined with a series of strict tests, so that tinuvin 880 can almost meet the requirements of all OEM manufacturers

in addition, in view of the VOC emission problem that everyone is worried about, BASF said that because the additive content added in actual production is only 0.2%, the concentration is very low, which will not endanger the safety of personnel in the car. And before the product was put on the market, BASF also conducted a large number of tests to prove that the addition of tinuvin 880 will not have an adverse impact on the interior environment

the growth power of plastic additives comes from sub regions, including polycarbonate, polystyrene, TPU, pet, PBA, polyvinyl alcohol, polyformaldehyde and replaceable bioplastics, transparent materials, flexible materials, Pacific region

with China's population growth, aging and urbanization process continues to accelerate, increasing the application of plastic products in Chinese production and life, China seems to have become a major consumer of plastic additives

according to relevant statistical data, the global plastic additive market scale in 2015 was 466000 tons, of which the market share of Asia was as high as 42%, accounting for the leading position in the global plastic additive market. In Asia, China accounted for the highest proportion of 56%, more than half of the plastic additive Market in Asia in 2015

therefore, BASF believes that the driving force to further promote the growth of plastic additives in the future will mainly come from the Asia Pacific region, and the company will continue to expand its business activities in the Asia Pacific region. In addition, BASF will also use its rich product application expertise and process specific support provided by the technology center to actively promote innovation in various regions, continuously improve innovation and technical capabilities, and develop more new products when manufacturing components with other shrink formed thermoplastic compounds and molding materials. Just like this time, in addition to the new plastic stabilizer tinuvin 880 for automotive applications, BASF also launched a new plastic stabilizer tinuvin XT 55 for artificial turf at the same time. In the future, BASF will further deepen the product layout for the six target industries the company focuses on - automotive, electronics and electrical, agriculture, packaging, textiles and fibers, construction and construction

at present, automobile lightweight has become the trend of automobile development in the world. The new plastic stabilizer tinuvin 880 launched by BASF this time can maintain the long-term stability of plastic products, which plays an important role in promoting automobile enterprises to implement automobile lightweight and manufacture automobiles with better power and safety. In addition, with the emergence of higher performance plastic stabilizers, the aging problem of plastic auto parts under long-term light and high temperature conditions has been better solved. In the future, plastic parts are expected to play a more prominent role in automotive lightweight, design aesthetics and comfort, improving automotive functions and enhancing structure. 2. The principle of traditional power line twists and turns experimental machine the principle of traditional power line twists and turns experimental machine

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