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Entering the international aerospace market, axis Research Institute got the "pass"

entering the international aerospace market, axis Research Institute got the "pass"

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recently, Luoyang axis Research Institute Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "axis Research Institute"), a subsidiary of Luoyang axis Research Technology Co., Ltd. affiliated to state machinery group, has obtained the as9100d international aerospace quality management system solution: certificate issued by the international certification body South Germany group, which has the qualification to enter the international aerospace market, and has become one of the few enterprises in China to establish a standardized and systematic aerospace quality management system

it is reported that AS9100 aerospace standard has further expanded the recognition, support and wide application of international top Aerospace Manufacturers including Airbus, Boeing, general electric and so on. The as9100d certification passed by axis Research Institute is a revised version of AS9100, which is closely related to all aspects of aerospace supply chain. Its certification scope covers the design, manufacturing and sales of aerospace bearings. The certification process includes bearing processing equipment, bearing cage, bearing heat treatment, bearing forging processing, etc

At present, as9100d certification has become a prerequisite for domestic enterprises to enter the field of civil aviation, and axis Research Institute plans to take this opportunity to enter the field of domestic civil aviation and international aerospace


as the main supporting unit in China's aerospace field, the axis Research Institute has successfully completed the supporting tasks of bearings and components for the "Dongfanghong" series artificial earth satellites, "Shenzhou" series manned spacecraft, "Chang'e" lunar exploration project, "Shenzhou" and "Tiangong" Rendezvous and docking. At present, the axle Research Institute is the largest domestic and foreign supplier. Only in this way can we have high-quality products. The percentage of machine control twists and turns has changed from 8% to 43%, which is an important component supplier in the industries of bed, shipbuilding, rail transit, aviation manufacturing, automotive industry and wind power energy

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