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Beijing/China, February 21, 2012, the world's leading key power supply and control can only be tensile damage, not impact damage. APC (hereinafter referred to as APC) under Schneider Electric, a cold service provider, recently announced that InfraStruxure Yingfei integrated system has successfully entered Wuhu Second People's Hospital (hereinafter referred to as Wuhu second hospital), Provide comprehensive data center physical infrastructure solutions for the new data center of the Institute. In this project, the high reliability and high availability of Yingfei integrated system fully meet the availability requirements of the hospital for the data center; At the same time, due to its modular and on-demand expansion characteristics, it not only meets the future pole raising and capacity expansion of users, but also ensures the redundancy of power supply and refrigeration capacity required by important loads. The typical application of this full set of Yingfei integrated system in the medical industry provides an excellent reference case for users in the medical industry to build and apply a new generation data center

Huang CHENHONG, senior vice president of APC and President of Greater China under Schneider Electric, said: as we all know, the requirements of the medical industry for data centers in terms of security, stability, high scalability and green energy conservation have been among industry users. The CIRC will release universal insurance on February 16, 2015, and the minimum guaranteed interest rate is at a high level. At the same time, in the context of the new medical reform, hospitals have gradually increased their requirements for the integrity and flexibility of data centers, and pay more attention to scientific early-stage planning. Especially in the new data center project of the hospital, it has become the consensus of users in the medical industry to fully consider the future business growth and make forward-looking planning

apc has advanced technology and rich practical experience in the planning and construction of data centers. It has comprehensive white papers on the planning, construction and operation of data centers, free planning tools, and the innovative InfraStruxure Yingfei integrated system, which provides users with integrated system solutions and services from planning, design, implementation, operation and maintenance, And it can help enterprises improve their industry competitiveness in terms of energy efficiency through an overall perspective, so as to calmly cope with the challenges brought by future business growth

Wuhu City in Anhui Province is the pilot city of national public hospital reform and the comprehensive pilot city of national health informatization construction, while Wuhu second hospital is the pilot hospital of Ministry of health informatization. As a public hospital with many important tasks, its data center not only undertakes its own business applications, but also undertakes the information support work of Wuhu drug management center and its subordinate units, as well as Wuhu health information center, so its importance is self-evident. From the beginning of planning, Wuhu No.2 Research Institute has put forward high requirements for the new data center in terms of high reliability, high scalability, easy maintenance, green energy conservation and so on. Among them, due to the application characteristics of the medical industry, including the needs of night emergency and ICU monitoring, the data center requires 24 hours and 365 days of uninterrupted operation throughout the year. In addition, considering the industry trend, both private medical cloud and industrial cloud are the development direction that Wuhu No.2 research institute must face and explore. Therefore, it is also a condition that the project must meet to plan the construction of a new data center based on the requirements of cloud computing for physical infrastructure

apc's global experience presents a perfect solution to the needs of Wuhu No. 2 Research Institute. The newly-built data center covers an area of 200 square meters and is designed according to the class a standard of electronic information system room. In this scheme, Yingfei integrated system provides the hospital with a truly modular UPS system, which allows users to flexibly increase or decrease it power according to the actual situation of pressing the refrigeration switch and alarm switch, and can continuously improve the UPS power supply capacity with the increase of the actual load, saving the waste of funds and energy consumption caused by the over planning of the UPS system, and meeting the needs of future business development; At the same time, its modular component mode and hot plug structure can easily increase or decrease various modules, expand capacity or maintain and repair, so it has incomparable advantages in availability and maintainability compared with the traditional 1+1 parallel connection; In addition, the complete management and monitoring functions of the system also make it extremely convenient for the hospital to carry out operation and maintenance management of the entire data center while ensuring the safe and stable operation of the data center. From the perspective of operation effect, the consideration and corresponding planning of Wuhu Eryuan and APC at the beginning of the construction of the data center are very forward-looking. The construction of this project not only meets the future informatization needs of Wuhu Eryuan, but also provides excellent practice and experience reference for the concept of Wuhu Eryuan's construction of medical cloud

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