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Build a world-class brand! Sany global agents gather in Xingcheng to seek common development

build a world-class brand! Sany global agents gathered in Xingcheng to seek common development

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on February 8, the Sany group global agent summit with the theme of "innovation, change, digitalization and win-win" was grandly held in Changsha. About 300 agent representatives from 61 countries and regions such as the United States, Germany, India, Kuwait, Thailand and South Africa gathered together to "face-to-face" with Sany executives to have an in-depth understanding of Sany's development history, internationalization strategy and the next three years' planning, receive product knowledge training, work together on overseas marketing strategies, and discuss win-win development plans. During this period, Sany international headquarters signed 2018 annual task agreements with 61 agents, opening a new chapter in the internationalization journey

Sany global agents gathered in Xingcheng

Xiang Wenbo, director of Sany group and President of Sany Heavy Industry, Liang Linhe, director of Sany group and chairman of pumping division, Yu Hongfu, director of Sany group and chairman of Sany Heavy machinery, Fu Weizhong, vice president of Sany Heavy Industry and general manager of Sany Heavy machinery, he Dongdong, CEO of Shugen Internet, and Zhou Wanchun, director of Sany international headquarters attended the relevant activities of the summit

Sany overseas achieved rapid development

Xiang Wenbo made a keynote speech at the main venue of the 2018 global agent summit

Xiang Wenbo made a keynote speech

Xiang Wenbo first extended a warm welcome to the arrival of overseas agents on behalf of chairman Liang Wengen and the group's board of directors, expressed heartfelt thanks for the support and help given to Sany over the years, and also gave new year's greetings to agents and guests. Xiang Wenbo pointed out that over the years, Sany's agents all over the world have made outstanding contributions to Sany becoming the leading enterprise of the "the Belt and Road". Through the joint efforts of all agents, Sany's sales and profits doubled in 2017, and its cash flow created the best record in history

Xiang Wenbo stressed that in 2017, Sany international management system experienced great changes and transformations, and implemented the business idea of chairman Liang Wengen, "two separation, two wheel drive, three carriages". Through the changes, Sany international achieved rapid growth. Xiang Wenbo hopes that in the new year, Sany and all agents should do two most important things: one is to create products with absolute competitive advantage, which is Sany's; The second is to make the service to the point where it can't be attached and to the extreme - this is the important task of agents and sany. Let's work together to build a world-class Sany

Zhou Wanchun introduced the Sany internationalization strategy and three-year plan

Zhou Wanchun introduced the Sany internationalization strategy and three-year plan. According to the plan, Sany group will strive to build Sany into one of the world-class enterprises in the industry in five years. In addition, during the summit, he Dongdong, CEO of Shugen Internet, made a keynote speech on "root cloud IOT", and the relevant business departments of Sany Heavy Industry made international business planning and product speeches

the majority of agents said that the summit broke the boundaries of country, race and culture, and everyone exchanged with each other, sought common development, enhanced mutual trust, and became clearer and more confident about the development direction of Sany internationalization

the new mechanism radiates new vitality

conference site

in 2017, under the new system, Sany's assistance to agents was more direct, more efficient, and faster to reflect on the market. After a year of assistance, more than 20 agents have been successfully promoted. The new management system makes the internationalization of Sany glow with new vitality

with the joint efforts of all overseas agents, Sany held more than 500 equipment promotion meetings, martial arts competitions and test drive meetings overseas in 2017, frequently invited key customers and key customers to visit our company, and vigorously promoted the standardization activities of agent stores. It is worth mentioning that the Sany overseas assistance team also "works and makes decisions together" with the agent, aiming to help the agent succeed and jointly develop the Sany cause

seek common development

the win-win cooperation between Sany and overseas agents has reached an unprecedented level. During the summit, Sany overseas excellent agents shared the successful experience of win-win cooperation with Sany, and sany signed the 2018 annual task agreement for premium products with 61 overseas agents. At the same time, Sany also highlighted the recognition of 19 agents with 2017 star gold medal awards and special awards

Zhou Wanchun said that over the years, the efforts of agents have been obvious to all. They are the backbone to promote Sany overseas market to move forward smoothly in the adverse tide of the world economy. This can be seen from China's export data: Sany's concrete equipment, piling equipment, excavation equipment, crane equipment, etc. have maintained a leading position in the industry's export, and continue to take the lead, which is inseparable from the efforts and contributions of the majority of agents

the secret behind Sany's high quality

in order to let agents have an in-depth understanding of Sany culture and a close experience of Sany equipment quality, during the summit, we also carefully organized visits to plant 18 of Sany Changsha Industrial Park and the crane small tonnage assembly line of Sany Ningxiang Industrial Park, known as the "China intelligent manufacturing demonstration workshop", as well as the performance and experience of road rollers and cranes

experience sharing of excellent agents

in the crane small tonnage assembly line of plant 18 and sany Ningxiang Industrial Park, Sany commentator introduced a variety of products such as concrete machinery, pavement machinery, hoisting machinery, excavation machinery to the agent group in fluent English, which can set up mouse guards on all pedestrian passages and ventilation and exhaust ducts. They were deeply impressed by SANY's lean production and intelligent management. In particular, the automatic production line of pump trucks in the intelligent production workshop makes agents fully feel the strength of Sany intelligent manufacturing

at the special experience activity site of road rollers and cranes, nearly 400 global customers and foreign friends participated. The relevant person in charge of Sany Heavy Industry introduced the superior performance and excellent quality of three or two major categories of products to the agents. Many agents also signed up on site to participate in the operation experience of road rollers and cranes. In the process of experience, the vast number of agents marveled at Sany's high-quality, high-tech and humanized brand-new products, and shouted happily and lingered

share the scene

the vast number of agents who participated in the whole process of the summit felt very deeply. Everyone agreed that Sany organized such exchange activities to get a close understanding of Sany, which made them more confident that Sany's development in quality and after-sales service was also the direction of enterprise development, and laid a foundation for broad cooperation between them

whether old friends or new friends, all Sany people and sany agents have the same dream, that is to make Sany's equipment spread all over the world and make Sany brand famous in the world. Xiang Wenbo firmly believes that with the joint efforts of agents, Sany brand will become more prominent, and sany will also provide the world with higher quality products, better and faster services, and create more value for everyone

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