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The domestic intelligent lighting electrician market began to heat up editor's note: the development of China's electrician industry can be found. Since the late 1980s, before Australia Qisheng entered the Chinese market, most of China's electrician enterprises were scattered small workshops, and pull switch was the mainstream product in the market. In the early 1990s, with the rise of Qisheng in the Chinese market, it not only opened the brand era of China's electrical enterprises, but also developed finger pressure switches to replace pull wire switches, conquering consumers with durability

from 2007 to now, looking at the details of the entire electrical industry market, we can strongly feel that although the performance of major electrical enterprises is different in terms of electrical product R & D, brand promotion, or channel control, some electrical enterprises begin to shift the focus of brand promotion, and the intelligent upgrading of products has become a firm foothold in the industry, even the cornerstone of brand upgrading, including lighting The integration of electrician channels has become the key to a decisive victory in the strategy of "attacking the city and pulling out the stronghold"

the electrician market pattern has gradually taken shape.

the development of China's electrician industry can be found. Since the late 1980s, before Australia Qisheng entered the Chinese market, most of China's electrician enterprises were scattered small workshops, and pull wire switches were the mainstream products in the market. At that time, the switch products could only meet people's functional needs from the perspective of waste water and exhaust gas emission, and their safety performance and appearance were neglected. In the early 1990s, with the rise of Qisheng in the Chinese market, it not only opened the brand era of China's electrical enterprises, but also developed finger pressure switches to replace pull wire switches, conquering consumers with durability

at the same time, China's local electrical enterprises began to develop rapidly like mushrooms. In Guangdong, there were a large number of challengers represented by Lang, which was sometimes mistakenly written as cold rolled banneng, matsukoto (now Sok), Matsumoto, TCL International electrician, etc. their market positioning was medium and high-grade. Hangzhou Based electrician Hongyan Electric Appliance Co., Ltd., Lear Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. and feidiao Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. are moving forward in step with the above brands. They are all positioned as mid-range brands; In the past two years, Sok, with the pragmatic and innovative spirit of Cantonese, has introduced advanced product development technology and production mode through long-term strategic cooperation with European leading brands, and once again has left behind mainland enterprises and become the backbone of medium and high-end brands in the industry

the market calls for intelligent upgrading

after entering the new century, the large rocker switch has broken through the traditional shape and replaced the finger switch. The beautiful appearance has become the first choice for people. With the continuous improvement of living standards, consumers have higher and higher requirements for the safety and durability of electrical products. The steel frame products of the new generation of electrical products were first launched by Sok and other brands in 2003. Honeywell lanneng, feidiao and other powerful brands have also launched one after another, all of which take steel frame switches as the main series. Especially at the end of 2007, Sok simultaneously launched S9, S8 (noble), S6, V3.0 and v3.2 electrical products with ultra-thin insulation steel structure, which pushed the new generation of electrical products with steel structure to a climax

with the gradual maturity of SOK steel structure electrical technology and product line, at the beginning of 2008, Sok planned to rely on the powerful technical support platform of the "National Laboratory" in the enterprise to launch two light touch switch electrical products, S1 and V3.0 (S-level); With more convenient use function, more fashionable appearance and more safe and durable quality, it indicates the arrival of the era of touch switch for electrical products. At the same time, well-known brands such as TCL, lanneng, Simon and sky base are all optimistic about the market prospect of touch switch electricians

however, it is not difficult for us to find that since the pull switch was upgraded to a key and rocker switch, 98% of the electrical products are only satisfied with the use function, and basically do not have much scientific and technological added value. Wang Junwei, electrical engineer of SOK intelligent lighting, pointed out that developed countries have already implemented it, and it is not significant to upgrade the design only to meet the appearance and structure improvement. We should give more consideration to the scientific and technological content of the product, and put safety and convenience in the first place. As the lighting control terminal, the electrical switch products are successfully grafted with the computer control system to realize the seamless and intelligent integration of home appliances, security, scenes and networks, which is the real upgrading of electrical products

in fact, the intelligent control system called by experts has been introduced into the Chinese market as early as 10 years ago. Enterprises such as Ogilvy and Luchuang in the United States have successively launched intelligent control systems. However, due to the domestic economic environment and the domestic public's understanding of intelligent products at that time, such enterprises did not invest more education costs in the intelligent field, and the sales channel and lighting channel were separated

"intelligent lighting electrical" startled the market

until the 2007 Guangzhou Guangya Exhibition and the ancient town lamp Expo, intelligent electrical products once again appeared in the public's view on a large scale. These include Rex electric, space-based electric, RiFeng electronics, etc. Xiong Dayong, head of Rex product center, once said that modern society puts forward higher requirements for the safety level of electrical products. The application of electronic technology or intelligent technology to the electrical field is bound to become a leading market trend in the future

at the 2008 Guangya Exhibition, Sok vigorously launched the intelligent lighting electrical, which is the first wireless "vision · intelligent system" in China to vigorously develop and launch the trinity of intelligence, lighting and electrical, pushing the intelligent lighting system to a new climax. It is also the first brand enterprise in China to put "intelligent lighting electrical" in the strategic position of the enterprise, For the first time, Sok general manager wujinsheng gave a clear definition of "intelligent lighting electrical":

sok intelligent lighting electrical is an intelligent system that can realize different scene control, home appliance control, security control and network control at any time according to the needs of the environment. Its characteristic is that it can realize pre control, monitoring and remote control of the environment at any time

channel integration promotes intelligent upgrading

relevant data show that more than 90% of the annual market capacity of electrical products in China is brought about by the development of the real estate market, which is an industry closely linked with real estate. With the development of the whole household, lighting and electrical enterprises have new development opportunities. At the same time, the mutual penetration between lighting enterprises and electrical enterprises is becoming more and more obvious. When people mentioned electrical products a few years ago, they immediately thought of Qisheng and Panasonic. The influence of their brands is self-evident. In recent years, as lighting enterprises such as Rex and AUP have successively entered the field of electrical engineering, electrical enterprises such as Sok and sky base have launched lighting products. The channel integration of lighting and electrical engineering has become a climate, and the operation of electrical brand has also undergone earth shaking changes

Nieqiquan, manager of SOK marketing department, believes that lighting and electrician are originally "two brothers under the same roof". Now the integration of the two channels not only makes them complementary to each other in traditional channels, but also with the gradual popularity of "one-stop" procurement, whether electrical enterprises launch lighting products or lighting enterprises launch electrical products, will become an irreversible trend

increasingly clear market positioning

Sok, the first brand in China to place "intelligent lighting electrical" in the strategic position of the enterprise, has been integrating independent lighting and electrical channels nationwide since the end of 2007. At the same time, it has put forward the "intelligent lighting electrical" three in one marketing concept, and has launched Sok intelligent lighting electrical exclusive stores in the market terminals since the beginning of 2008

according to Mr. Wang Peng, marketing director of SOK, Sok began to develop experimental intelligent electrical systems as early as four years ago. At that time, Weixiang intelligent electrical system, which was successfully launched to the market in cooperation with MCO, a German partner, once attracted attention in the industry. However, the immature consumer market makes Sok, like other similar domestic enterprises, temporarily stranded. Wang Peng said that considering the serious homogenization of the domestic lighting electrical market and the chaotic competitive environment, Sok has been exploring how to break through the dilemma of homogenization of industry competition, so that manufacturers can seek to maximize their interests. Finally, at the beginning of this year, Sok proposed a brand strategy with "intelligent lighting electricity" as the core. Through intelligent system and the introduction or improvement of more high-tech electrician and lighting product lines, Sok brand is endowed with higher added value

the focus of the brand is shifting to "intelligence" with all its strength

it is understood that at the 2008 Guangya Exhibition, Sok intelligent lighting electric launched 9 new products at the same time, all of which are escorted by 11 national patented technologies. The intelligent wireless maintenance system adopts J_ Bus wireless network technology is used to form a wireless network of home lights, air conditioners, curtains, televisions, electric water heaters and security systems to realize wireless remote control, mutual control, remote control, intelligent security management, etc. This series of products can adopt the wiring mode of traditional wall switch, which can directly replace the traditional wall switch without changing any wiring (under the premise of zero line); It can realize manual control and remote control at the same time. With the remote controller with touch LCD display, it can realize operations such as dimming, switching and scene control, so that users can realize all-round control at will in the suite, free from the interference of partition walls, and realize the pursuit of people-oriented technology

Wang Peng said that at present, there are 60 Sok intelligent lighting electrical stores in China, which will reach 1000 in the next year. There is a contradiction between the effective resolution and dynamic performance of 10000 image stores. With the continuous development of SOK vision · intelligent system, the future electrical industry will move towards the era of intelligent electrical engineering. At the same time, as the domestic intelligent lighting electrical consumer market continues to mature, Sok will become a pioneer in the field of intelligent lighting electrical. From 2008, the brand focus of SOK will be completely shifted to the electrical field of intelligent lighting

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