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What have they done to win the domestic and export titles for 12 consecutive years

what have they done to win the domestic and export titles for 12 consecutive years

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XCMG's latest D5 generation gr1805 grader is under construction in Zaozhuang, Shandong Province. The new structure, new appearance, new configuration and new performance make customers value for money! This product is the latest technology of graders. The caprolactam production plant in Antwerp is an important member of the company's engineering materials business sector. It leads the industry trend and is widely sought after by the market as soon as it enters the market. It has been sold to Hebei, Shandong, Anhui, Jiangsu, Yunnan and other regions, and the order has been scheduled to the middle of April

XCMG has developed the D5 generation grader since 2015. In the past four years, XCMG has devoted itself to research, test and improvement of the D5 generation grader. Gr1805 follows the unique craftsman spirit of XCMG products. At the beginning of the design, it adheres to the concept of meeting the high-level needs of customers and creating greater benefits for users. In view of the reliability and safety of the grader, as well as the adjustment of indicators and economic use, etc, We will unswervingly practice the product concept of "leading technology, indestructible use and making handicrafts"

it has been more than 20 years since XCMG's first PY160 grader was successfully incubated in the late 1990s and took the first step of "leveling the world". After the continuous innovation and development of five generations of graders, XCMG's fifth generation graders represented by XCMG gr1605, gr1805, gr2205, gr2405 and gr3505 have come out in an all-round way, leading the development of the industry to a new peak. At present, XCMG has formed a product type spectrum of 100 hp to 550 HP series graders, realizing full coverage of various working conditions. It is one of the few manufacturers in the global industry with the production and manufacturing capacity of full series and full working conditions of graders

01 the operation efficiency is increased by 30%

gr1805 is equipped with a load sensitive hydraulic system, and the plunger pump is used for pressure transmission to achieve 5 After the sample is broken, the action is in place quickly without hysteresis, which greatly reduces the operation labor intensity. Multiple oil cylinders can be operated at the same time and have the function of rotating with load to improve the operation efficiency

02 key parts are more reliable

the reinforced slewing ring structure patented by XCMG has stronger bearing capacity and higher service life, which is more than 4 times the service life of the conventional structure. It is equipped with a world-class "No-Spin" differential, which greatly extends the service life of the drive rear axle

the overload protection worm gear box with optimized internal structure can effectively avoid the damage of the ground impact load to the operating device

the slewing bearing with stronger bearing capacity is adopted, which has a long service life and can adapt to stronger loads. Compared with the ordinary gear ring, there is no need to adjust the clearance and the maintenance is more convenient

03 driving experience is more comfortable

XCMG D5 driver's cab is placed in front of the front frame, and the front narrow diamond driver's cab is used at the same time, which makes the driving field of vision wider. The hydraulic lock on the oil cylinder is integrated on the multi-channel valve, which makes it easier to observe the blade operation. At the same time, gr1805 adopts a manual transmission, and the automatic shift function meets the operation needs of more users. The load sensitive multi-channel valve has small control stroke and small handle control force, which reduces labor intensity and improves control comfort

won the third batch of single champion demonstration enterprises of the Ministry of industry and information technology with the motor grader industry. Relying on XCMG's "green dream factory" industry's most advanced motor grader production base, it further guaranteed the core manufacturing capacity of gr1805. On the basis of the existing strong industrial accumulation, it made "advanced, reliable, energy-saving and efficient" products with heart and emotion, and made great efforts to Make great efforts to create the unique craftsmanship quality of XCMG grader

market position

XCMG motor graders are valiant in global key road construction. As of 2019, XCMG motor graders have always maintained the first in China's market sales and overseas export scale for 12 consecutive years

XCMG motor grader shining in global key road projects

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