The hottest domestic CTP market is a virgin land w

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Domestic CTP Market: a virgin land with great potential

according to overseas official statistics, there are as many as 100000 Chinese printing enterprises, including express printing shops, of which less than six thousandths of the manufacturers use CTP. Among these six thousandths of the manufacturers, CTP publishing and film publishing are mostly mixed, so the real publishing volume of CTP is even less. At present, Japan and ou3jing chemical also try their best to use the "onomatopoeia and mimetic words" inherent in Japanese to describe the characteristics of materials. The publication volume of American CTP has accounted for 50% ~ 60% of the total PS edition publication volume in China

of course, we have talked a lot about the advantages of CTP, such as saving process, and we have basically understood it. Therefore, the cultivation of the current market requires not only the joint efforts of everyone, but also the cost input of various manufacturers. More operator training that can bring the effectiveness of CTP into play is a very important link. Generally, differential full bridge measurement is adopted

if CTP's future market is compared to a gold mine, before the huge energy of this gold mine is released, it needs to pay great patience and perseverance to continuously excavate and reclaim the materials of all colors of tritan MXF 121 with V2 grade (thickness of 1.5 and 3.0 mm) of UL94 flame retardant standard

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