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The first domestic single 330kV traction transformer was successfully developed in TBEA on April 17, the first domestic single 330kV traction transformer independently developed by TBEA Xinjiang transformer plant passed the sudden short-circuit test of the National Transformer Quality Supervision and inspection center in Hushitai, Shenyang, turning a new page for the development of TBEA Xinjiang transformer plant towards high-voltage traction transformer

with the strong support of the state, the proposal of "accelerating the construction of major infrastructure such as railways, highways and airports, and focusing on the construction of a number of passenger dedicated lines, coal transportation channel projects and Western Trunk Railways" in railway construction is like a shot in the arm, setting off a climax of railway construction from the demand side, It also brings great opportunities to TBEA in the field of railway traction substation. In october2008, we received the bidding documents of Zhengzhou Xi'an railway project loaned by ADB (traction transformer: 12 sets of 330kV products and 28 sets of 220kV products). Therefore, the project is a foreign-funded project. As long as the project can be delivered on time, the payment for goods is guaranteed

in the global economic downturn in 2009, in order to win the order for this high-quality project, TBEA once again practiced the "four special spirit". I don't know how many extra shifts they worked and how many rest days they endured. As long as the project needs, they are on call. Everyone has no complaints. They just hope that the project can win the bid, laying a 330kV traction substation battlefield for TBEA in the railway project market, and their sweat has not been wasted, Finally, the hard work paid off. In December2008, the bid winning results were announced, and TBEA successfully won the bid for 12 d10-qy · j-31500/330 traction transformers. 2. Basic requirements for oil used in oil pump hydraulic oil in the oil pressure system, in addition to transmitting power, the joy of winning the bid is hard won. However, the urgent delivery date of the product is in front of us. When risks and interests coexist, TBEA makes decisive decisions, organizes special production scheduling, and the whole plant makes concerted efforts. The product successfully passes the factory test at one time, and is also recognized by the leaders of the Ministry of Railways who come to the factory to supervise manufacturing. ◎ host of experimental equipment: WDW electronic universal experimental machine on March 27, the first new product was shipped to Shenyang. The National Transformer Quality Supervision and inspection center also conducted the sudden short-circuit test of 330kV single traction transformer for the first time. The factory leaders specially rushed to Shenyang to personally supervise the sudden short-circuit test. On the afternoon of April 17, good news came from Shenyang. The first new product successfully passed the sudden short-circuit test conducted by the National Transformer Quality Supervision and inspection center, which once again confirmed the scientific research and manufacturing capacity of TBEA Xinjiang transformer factory, "based on the domestic market and going to the international market", and attacked the short, frequency, fast and high voltage project products. The successful development of this product once again proved the strength of TBEA, It fills a gap in the ability of 330kV single traction transformer to resist sudden short circuit for the autonomous region and even the country

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