The hottest domestic die steel market is facing a

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The domestic die steel market is facing a situation of short supply

according to relevant reports, at present, domestic die steel can not fully meet the needs of the domestic die industry. The person in charge of the mold materials Committee of China mold industry association pointed out that the domestic mold steel market has lagged behind the development of the mold industry and can not well meet the needs of the mold manufacturing industry, which is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

first, the production process of mold steel has fallen behind and the steel quality is poor. For example, the internal quality of domestic universal die steel H13, D2, LD and other varieties can reach the general standard of American die steel astma681, which belongs to the international general level, and can basically meet the use of general die users at home and abroad. However, the high requirements for users of high standard die steel, such as impact toughness, control of residual elements such as low carbide deviation, high quality and long service life, cannot be met at present

in addition, there are few new varieties of domestic die steel. In recent years, some famous foreign die steel manufacturers have developed many new die steel products, such as high strength and toughness die steel, dh13, dh53, flame quenching die steel, powder metallurgy cold working die steel, etc. These high-performance die steels have become typical products in the current international die market. This index selects 20 stocks from the insurance industry and insurance listed companies as constituent stocks. However, many shipyards do not know what tensile testing machine to use. Compared with this, there are fewer new high-performance die steel products made in China and fewer new die steel products developed

finally, 5. The varieties and specifications of safeguard measures are not complete. For example, for plastics, which accounts for 60% of the consumption of die steel, the relevant patents of ternary materials are mainly concentrated in Japan and South Korea. In China's alloy tool steel standards, there are only two steel grades, while the United States has seven steel grades, and has formed a relatively complete steel series. The United States, Japan, France, Switzerland and other countries have formed a series of cold work die steels and hot work die steels. Only hot work die steels have 6 finalized general varieties, which are inferior to domestic die steels

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