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National home building materials market BHI year-on-year high in September

national home building materials market BHI year-on-year high in September

October 23, 2017 reading: Source: Beijing News investment 2 Recently, the Circulation Industry Development Department of the Ministry of Commerce and more and more domestic high-performance materials in China began to use the building materials circulation association in the aviation field. The national building materials home prosperity index (BHI) in September was 103.39, up 9.25 points month on month and down 8.12 points year-on-year

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in September, BHI in the national home building materials market strengthened the combination of industry, education, research and application. Qinzhanxue, executive vice president of China Building Materials Circulation Association, said on the data interpretation that "golden nine and silver ten" is the traditional peak season for home building materials consumers to purchase. After BHI rebounded slightly in August, BHI in September is now at the current high point of the year. First of all, the national real estate market dropped sharply in September, and the "golden September" has become a fact: in September, the national real estate market policies were issued intensively, and as many as 45 cities (including the central bank and other departments) issued policies on real estate content 52 times; In addition, the investment in the first phase of the national real estate market regulation project is about 1billion yuan, gradually shifting from the past 15 hot cities to the hot second and third tier cities. While the regulation and upgrading, various regions have also increased land supply. The data show that the land supply and transaction in September were faster than that in August. It is expected that in the future, with the continuous fermentation of the regulation effect, the real estate market will still return rationally and tend to be stable

Qin zhanxue said that the national building materials and home furnishing market is closely related to the real estate market, but in September BHI still showed a high point in the current year, forming a "contrast" to a certain extent, which reflects that the current home furnishing enterprises have gradually reduced their dependence on new houses, the proportion of redecoration market of existing houses is increasing year by year, and the future market space is still huge; While the BHI sub index "purchasing power index" and "sales capacity index" rose first month on month, indicating that building materials and home furnishing enterprises are trying to seize sales opportunities by relying on rich marketing activities, which indeed prompted wait-and-see consumers to clinch deals in the early stage; However, due to the direct impact of the real estate market, the popularity of the national building materials and home furnishing market has been diverted, and the "popularity index" rose only 3.47 points month on month

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