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American graphics packaging has developed a paper cover for microwave oven packaging that can absorb oil

according to research market, especially honeycomb ball hollow structure s, with the accelerated pace of life, people are more and more inclined to replace meals with fast food. With the increasing number of single person families, there is an increasing demand for food packaged in a single portion. At the same time, there is an increasing demand for convenience foods such as those that can be cooked in a microwave oven

graphics packaging originally designed this kind of microwave oven packaging cover for Beckers in the Netherlands. Beckers wanted to improve its packaging for a kind of food called vleeskro test spring, whose number of segments can be set to 10 at most. Vleeskroketten is a kind of meat filled fried meat cake, which is mainly sold in "frituur style" takeaway stores in many European countries

beckers is a food manufacturer. Like the original taste of the microwave version of vleeskroketten fried meat cake, graphic packaging spent six months to develop this special paper cover for the microwave oven of vleeskroketten fried meat cake. The special paper cover is made of metal film, which can make the food produce Maillard reaction, increase the color and brittleness of the product on one side, and hygroscopic material on the other side. Both sides are rolled onto the cardboard, and then holes are strategically made in the paper cover so that the oil can easily enter the absorption layer through the cooking surface

"because this product has a high oil content, the package must be able to absorb oil and maintain humidity. Cooking in a microwave oven at home can completely maintain the original flavor and texture - the appearance is crisp and fresh, and the inside is moist." John McDonnell, marketing manager of graphic packaging microwave oven products, said

graphic packaging shipped this kind of microwave oven to Beckers in August this year for marketing in the Dutch market. Now graphic packaging wants to expand the market in a wider range of food

Beckers is part of Royal wessanen, a Dutch food merchant.

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