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As we all know, the extensive use of chemical drugs and organic disinfectants can easily lead to the variation of bacteria and viruses, and cause serious consequences, such as the occurrence of microbial events such as E. coli, mad cow disease, SARS, avian influenza, etc., which makes people worry about the danger of the deterioration of the ecological environment and microbial environment to the earth and human health, Safe and non-toxic inorganic antibacterial materials have become an urgent need of people

the task of this project is to use the preparation technology of zinc oxide whiskers (abbreviated as: ZnOw) with independent intellectual property rights to remove the pressure technology of the hydraulic system, and on the basis of the preliminary research work, to treat the antibacterial activity of ZnOw and nano materials, and compound ZnOw with a variety of nano materials to prepare a safe, lasting, efficient and broad-spectrum antibacterial and bactericidal material

the main technical and economic indicators of this project are:

1) antibacterial index: the antibacterial index of multi nano antibacterial and bactericidal materials has reached the domestic leading and international advanced level, specifically: Escherichia coli mic 500ppm; Candida albicans mic 500ppm

2) temperature resistance and safety indicators: the temperature resistance meets the requirements that plastic and other materials have no task stimulation to the eyes and skin of mice and rats used in the test. If LD50 needs surgery later

3) others: the effective antibacterial rate of antibacterial agents and antibacterial materials reaches more than 95%

the multi-component nano antibacterial and bactericidal materials developed in this project have been widely used by Chengdu Jiaotong University Jingyu Technology Co., Ltd. in the fields of food packaging, architectural decoration, textiles, medical equipment, sanitary products, sanitary ware, household appliances, communication equipment and so on. Many products have passed the national antibacterial mark product recognition in the first batch, and ZnOw composite antibacterial materials have won the gold award of China antibacterial Association. Through its wide application in many industries, multi-component nanocomposite antibacterial and bactericidal materials have attracted a large number of customers, including brand enterprises in different industries. Enterprises that need to be equipped with metal punctuation extensometers for production have become the most active antibacterial agent production and sales enterprises in China

in order to accelerate the industrialization of achievements, production enterprises are focusing on the industrialization of this project. On the one hand, the mature international advanced and domestic leading ZnOw production technology will be industrialized, and the production device with an annual output of 200 tons is expected to be completed and put into operation by the end of April; On the other hand, the production enterprises have increased the R & D, production and market application and promotion of ZnOw application technology, summarized the preliminary work to test, improved the application technology of antibacterial materials in different fields, and further developed other functional materials of ZnOw. Combined with the current development situation of the antibacterial material industry, it is expected that the production enterprises will achieve a sales revenue of million yuan this year. After the project is fully implemented, the annual output value will reach 40million yuan

the sustainable development of research and development of multi-component nano antibacterial materials and the promotion and application of research and development achievements will give humans a healthy and safe living space, which is of great significance to prevent the occurrence of infectious diseases and protect the life safety of the country and people. The prospect of further promotion of this achievement is very optimistic

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