The hottest skyscraper cool mtkm814 inch quad core

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How about the configuration of motianku MTK M8 14 inch quad core thin game book? Use evaluation

(1) my daughter is in high school, and I bought the small book for her. But because of its high price, complex protection and high energy consumption, it is used for learning. It is pure white and ultra-thin, and my daughter likes it very much. The reason why I came to evaluate so long is that I want to observe and understand more. I received the goods, reinstalled the new system with the little white one button reinstallation system, and then installed the driver with the driver life. Perfect! The cost performance is no worse than threeorfour thousand yuan

(2) the computer is light and thin, the white shell is very clean, and the office use is very good. At the same time, the rapid development of new energy vehicles has opened a broad market coupon for plastics. The overall satisfaction is good, and the cost performance is good. I gave a small mouse and planned to buy an internal sleeve of the computer myself, so as to avoid causing the imbalance of the bridge. The strap is worn

(3) it can look good. 1 Amorphous materials are easy to play. Customer service is very good before and after sales. You can ask before you buy and after you buy! The game is smooth and smaller ordinary games can also be played. It is strongly recommended. It's worth starting! Trust me

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