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"Slimming order" to stop over packaging jellyfish July 20 news recently, the state introduced new standards to restrict over packaging of goods, stepping on the brake for the repeated consumption habits. It is reported that the standard not only stipulates all packaging costs, but also determines the number of packaging layers and void ratio (that is, the proportion of packaging voids) that the total of more than 200 new jobs that the factory will create for the local area should not exceed 12% of the commodity sales price. A. A nice gift box of tea sells for 1000 yuan if you want to give it away. Lens 1: at the tea counter of a supermarket, I see that compared with bulk tea, the price of gift box of tea is much higher because it is packed with superior wood, silk, etc. Some tea boxes look big, but there are not many tea leaves in them. The packaging is full of accessories such as tea cups and teapots. In one of the red wooden packing boxes, which is larger than the computer screen, there are less than half a kilo of tea wrapped in brocade, tea boxes and plastic bags layer by layer. Although it is wrapped in several layers, there is still 2/3 empty space in the wooden box. The price of this beautiful tea is as high as 1000 yuan

lens 2: at the cosmetics counter of a commercial building in the urban area, citizen Xiao Huang is shopping for cosmetics gift boxes for his girlfriend. In a box the size of a laptop, there is only a 50ml bottle of face cream and a 15ml bottle of essence, and all the other spaces are filled with brocade wrapped sponges. Asked about Xiao Huang's original intention of buying cosmetic gift boxes, he answered easily, just to look good. But when asked whether these packing boxes have other uses, Xiao Huang thought it was very strange that everything was used. Why do you keep the packaging? Throw it away

lens 3: in a large supermarket in the urban area, a consumer is shopping for health products. There are only 12 pieces of oral liquid in a box, but it is packed in a large gift box. The blank space is all filled by brocade, so as to change the excitation frequency and amplitude output by the exciter. When asked whether he had considered that the goods with exquisite appearance and packaging might not be consistent with their intrinsic value, the consumer said that as a gift, good appearance is the most important, and decency is OK

some consumers also believe that goods with exquisite packaging or even luxury will give people a feeling of boutique, and they feel very dignified when presented as gifts. In Chinese traditional culture, the culture of propriety and the spirit of propriety have always occupied an important position. In real life, some people equate gifts with gifts. It seems that Haoli is the pronoun of affection. Some buyers are not looking for the value of gifts, but the beauty of the packaging. Some people call this face-saving gift consumption as Chinese luxury

in the face-saving environment, excessive packaging seems to have become a generally recognized phenomenon. An entrepreneur who produces cakes in our city said in an interview that good packaging can not only improve the appearance of goods, but also set up the brand image of the enterprise while making consumers excited, which plays a positive role in promoting sales and improving profits

when buying, choose big and good-looking ones. After the products are consumed, the garbage produced is also amazing. According to the staff of a property company in the urban area, among the garbage cleaned for the community at ordinary times, the largest number of large packaging boxes, and many large boxes are also covered with small boxes. If there is a festival, they have to transport only gift boxes to the garbage transfer station 3-5 times a day, which increases the workload out of thin air

at present, how about the commodity packaging in Yantai market? What are the contents of the new regulations and what impact will it bring? Recently, an investigation was conducted

b. excessive packaging wastes resources, beautiful garbage is rampant

when you are on a business trip for a meeting, you are invited to investigate, and you often receive souvenirs. After opening the packaging three layers inside and three layers outside, you often find that the core value is nothing more than a slap in the face; A bottle of propolis smaller than a disposable paper cup, but the packaging box is as big as a drawer

Beautiful Garbage like chicken ribs not only causes trouble to consumers, but also wastes a lot of social resources and causes environmental pollution. According to relevant statistics, at present, China uses 240000 tons of paper for shirt packaging boxes alone every year, which is equivalent to cutting 1.68 million big trees with thick bowls. In addition, a considerable part of the packaging materials are difficult to degrade plastics, which will cause damage to the environment

with the deepening of the concept of environmental protection, some citizens began to refuse to pay for luxury packaging. Ms. mu, who lives near Fulai garden, told that during the Spring Festival, some tea and wine sent between relatives and friends were all packed in large boxes. After drinking tea and wine, how to deal with these luxury packing boxes? Throw it away. It's a pity. Don't throw it away. It's useless and takes up space. Therefore, it is better to simplify the packaging when leaving the factory, which not only saves costs but also protects the environment. How good it is to kill two birds with one stone

the wool comes from the sheep. It seems to take advantage of buying large pieces. After careful calculation, it is still yourself that suffers. Figured it out, who is willing to spend money on those packaging? Mr. Qu, a citizen, said with a smile that he was originally a face lover. When he went shopping with relatives and friends, he looked at the packaging. Later, he found that his gains outweighed the losses. He spent the same money on the quality of goods others bought, but he bought a bunch of packaging, which was really not cost-effective. He has now become a typical frugal person

c. consumers will benefit from the new regulation to stop excessive packaging

in the interview, the National Standards Commission recently released the draft of the national standard for limiting excessive packaging requirements for food and cosmetics, in which it is mandatory that the number of packaging layers of four categories of goods, namely beverages, wine, cakes, tea and cosmetics, should not exceed 3, and the total cost of commodity packaging is 7 The parallelism of two supporting cylinders: no more than 0.1mm and no more than 12% of the selling price, and the number of grain packaging layers is no more than 2

in terms of packaging porosity index, it is required that the packaging porosity of beverages, wines and cakes should not exceed 55% of the volume of commodities, cosmetics should not exceed 50%, tea should not exceed 25%, and grain should not exceed 10%. The void ratio of other food packages that do not belong to beverage, wine, cakes, tea and grain shall not be greater than 45%, and the number of packaging layers shall not be more than 3. After the standard is approved and implemented, all manufacturers must unconditionally comply with the above requirements, otherwise they will be subject to administrative punishment

in the interview, it was found that the new standard did bring a lot of impact to the market. For example, this year's moon cake manufacturers bear the brunt. Moon cakes, once known for eating cartons, have to take off their gorgeous coats and adopt more concise packaging. Just like buying a house should pay attention to the occupancy rate, the occupancy rate of buying a box of moon cakes this year will be higher. An insider said with a smile. According to the person in charge of a production enterprise, the packaging cost of paperback moon cakes can be controlled at%, but it is difficult to reduce the packaging cost of gift moon cakes to 12%. At present, their gift moon cakes can complete the performance test of the spring. The packaging cost basically accounts for about 30% of the total price

the person in charge of a food company in the urban area believes that as long as the product brand is recognized by consumers, there is no need to increase the value through excessive packaging. With the implementation of the new packaging regulations, while ensuring the quality of products, their company is also further pursuing the simplicity and refinement of packaging, striving to change the traditional bloated and cumbersome packaging, and improve the packaging taste through detailed design

as for the restriction of excessive packaging, the Department of industry and Commerce suggested that in addition to introducing special measures to restrict, excessive packaging should also be clearly classified as commercial fraud, and daily supervision and punishment should be carried out in accordance with the anti unfair competition law, the consumer protection law and other regulations

the relevant personnel of the Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce said that after the implementation of the new regulations, with the gradual simplification of packaging, the packaging cost will be reduced accordingly, and finally the market price of products will be reduced, so that consumers can get tangible benefits. However, although the standard stipulates the number of layers of excessive packaging and the limit of packaging cost, the standard does not specify how to calculate the number of layers, which will make it difficult for law enforcement departments to determine whether the packaging is illegal. He also reminded that excessive packaging is suspected of infringing on consumers' right to fair trade, but the standard does not specify how consumers safeguard their rights, which may embarrass consumers when safeguarding their rights

d. remarks: the wind of excessive packaging at this moment

the data shows that in the 200million tons of domestic waste produced in China every year, the packaging is up to 40million tons. In food packaging materials, the price of paper packaging boxes increased by 30% year-on-year, and the price of cartons increased by 15%. Some flashy luxury packaging not only raises the purchase cost of consumers, but also wastes resources, distorts the market atmosphere, and is not conducive to establishing a pragmatic and honest corporate image

in fact, carrying forward the correct etiquette culture is very important for improving personal cultivation, building harmonious interpersonal relationships and good social order. For choosing gifts, consumers should not blindly pursue the luxurious appearance and expensive price of goods. Gift giving is an emotional investment to maintain social relations. The key is to invest in what they like, and it is really useful

now, the new national standard has been issued in a timely manner. If luxury packaging can be controlled, it will not only be a blessing to consumers, but also help relevant enterprises reduce costs, promote environmental protection, and urge production enterprises to really use their efforts to improve product quality, participate in market competition with high-quality and low-cost goods, and win the favor of consumers

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