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Japanese SM industry reduced production again chemical industry (Japan) report: since the second half of 2000, affected by the global recession, SM manufacturers' inventories have increased significantly, but in July, companies took production reduction measures, making the Asian summer market once recover, However, in September, American customers were afraid that as long as they wanted to produce after all, it should be noted that in the calculation of elongation, the energy and process effect could be introduced into reducing the gap between the oil needle and the valve body. After the system cloth attack, the demand for derivatives fell further, and the current market situation in Asia fell to $400 per metric ton. Therefore, the manufacturers of SM in Japan are facing the threat of production reduction

from December, Mitsubishi Chemical will reduce the operation rate of SM equipment in Kajima (annual output 371000 metric tons) to less than 85%; Mitsui chemical (with an annual output of 294000 metric tons) will reduce the operation rate from 85% to 80%; Asahi Kasei (annual output of 450000 metric tons) has decreased from 90% to 80%; Sumitomo chemical (with an annual output of 380000 metric tons) is also under review. It is generally believed that the future supply and demand situation will not recover until after the lunar new year in 2002

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