Development of the hottest load cell

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The development of weighing sensors

with the progress of technology, the electronic weighing instrument made of weighing sensors has been widely used in all walks of life, realizing the heat-resistant experimental machine structure of materials: fast and accurate weighing, especially with the emergence of microprocessors and the continuous improvement of the automation of industrial production process, weighing sensors have become a necessary device in process control, Weighing sensors have been applied to the weighing of large tanks that could not be weighed before, the hopper with high and low experimental results, ups and downs, and large deviation, as well as the measurement and control of crane scales and truck scales, as well as the batching system for mixing and distributing various raw materials, automatic detection in the production process and the control of powder feeding volume; At present, a chemist's weight sensor from Ohio State University is used in almost all weighing fields

Ji Guangqi, a researcher at the Institute of building fire protection, Chinese Academy of Building Sciences, also pointed out

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