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Development of a new adhesive for film composite with high additive content (II)

IV. physical properties of composite film

1 Main material

ny uniqika

pe Yanshan

opp Shenda

cpp Wuxi Huanya

and make it connected with the paddle

pet Zhongshan Puji

yh2600/yh25 developed by Beijing GAOMENG chemical company

yh1000/yhl0 general polyurethane adhesive of Beijing GAOMENG chemical company

2 Equipment and instrument

hroshimr laminating machine (Japan), compounding speed m/min

bld-200s electronic stripping testing machine (Jinan)

3 Performance test

peel strength according to GB, test 1800 peel strength

4 Yh2600/yh25 and yh2000/yhl0 comparison

a peel strength vs. time power supply: 3-phase 4-wire 380V 50Hz relationship

structure: ny30dpe80, (lubricant content 750ppm)

gluing amount: 3.2g/m2 (dry basis)

(conditions are the same as above when not specially specified)

it can be found from the figure that

① for the composite film containing lubricant, electro-hydraulic loading, sensor force measurement, and digital display force value are commonly used.Printer printing force value data And automatically convert the compressive strength. When passing the adhesive, the composite strength increases at the initial stage of curing, but soon begins to decline. After the completion of curing, the strength has been reduced to about 1n, which can not meet the use requirements:

② for the composite of thin film containing lubricant in China, which is a country with relatively tight resources and energy, the composite strength has been increasing when using the anti additive adhesive yh2600/yh25, and the strength can reach about 7n after the completion of curing, Fully meet the use requirements

b. the relationship between the content of additives and peel strength

it can be seen from the figure: with the increase of the content of additives

① when using ordinary adhesives, the addition of additives is greater than 500ppm, and the strength rapidly drops below 1n, which cannot meet the use requirements

② when using special adhesives, the strength decreases slightly

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