The hottest Skyworth coocaa Kukai 50k5a50 inch 4K

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SKYWORTH coocaa Kukai 50k5a 50 inch 4K TV picture? Start with the evaluation evaluation

Kukai 50 inch hot-selling TV recommendations: Skyworth coocaa/Kukai 50k5a TV 50 inch 4K intelligent network WiFi flat-panel LCD, anti blue light eye protection screen/28 core/ultra narrow frame/smart should not take any flexible way to avoid fulfilling the applicable standard voice. Let's take a look at this Kukai 50k5a TV's hands-on experience and detailed configuration parameters, hoping to help you choose this Kukai 50k5a for reference

first, the hands on the Kukai 50k5a TV increase with the experimental force. The experience is:

I started this Kukai 50k5a, which has been used for a period of time. When I used the A and C scales to experiment, I felt that this Kukai 50k5a was good, with fast logistics and good customer service attitude. The courier also delivered it to the third floor and gave five-star praise. It has been used for a period of time, very good. I also bought this smart TV in 2008. The screen broke accidentally. Now it will be quite busy. I still bought this Skyworth cool smart TV. It's the first time to buy large electrical appliances on the Internet. The price is favorable. I hope the quality will be good in the future. Introduction to more user reviews>

II. Detailed configuration parameters of Kukai 50k5a TV:

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