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SMA does not try to enter the risky Chinese market

recently, Pierre Pascal urbon, CEO of SMA, the world's leading manufacturer of large solar inverters, said in an interview that the company would rather lose its global market share than try to enter the fast-growing but risky Chinese market

Pierre Pascal urbon said, "let me ask you, which international solar energy enterprise has achieved success in China? Of course, this market is very attractive, but if you can't find a way to make money, it's meaningless to enter this market."

sma CEO Pierre Pascal urbon

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urbon said that SMA is always looking for opportunities for its Chinese branch

urbon added: "however, I can't say that we have achieved success in promoting our inverter in China. Project bidders in the world's second largest economy usually prefer to choose local enterprises."

urbon said that depending on the growth rate of China's solar energy market this year, SMA's market share of less than 30% will further decline

urbon said, "we will strive to defend our market share, and we will fight to the end." (compiled by Owen) Zhonghua glass () Department

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