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According to foreign media reports, SLD laser announced that Jinan Shijin is an enterprise specializing in the production of experimental instruments and meters. It has always adhered to the principle of customer first and integrity first, and has established long-term cooperative relations with many enterprises Sincerely welcome friends from all walks of life to visit, investigate and negotiate business After the release of the laserlight product, which is a vehicle grade application and professional lighting application, the process time of the onset of submission will be 10 minutes short. The company demonstrated the bright light source technology on CES, aiming to realize the vision of intelligent lighting

laserlight has obvious advantages. Compared with LED lamps, its brightness is more than 10 times that of the former. Generally, the fatigue intensity is measured indirectly by the lifting method fatigue experiment. The bright distance is extended to 1 km, the power consumption is minimized, the service life is long, and high directional lighting can be achieved without using LED. Its technology is also applied in headlights and interior lamps

sld's laserlight will be configured into road vehicles for the first time next year. At that time, the company will choose high-end models to configure its laserlight fiber to improve the performance of high beam lamps and provide functional complementarities for conventional LED low beam lamps. This means that SLD laser will mass produce its vehicle grade products, and the equipment is expected to be delivered to its customers in the third quarter of this year

sld laser will also display the world's smallest concept product of laserlight headlights on CES. The product is only 1.5cm thick and can provide low beam and high beam functions. After adopting this fiber-based technology, the compactness of this kind of light source provides a new design concept of headlights. In order to demonstrate its design freedom, SLD laser has cooperated with HSL Italia

in addition to headlights, this multifunctional light source may be used for fiber-based interior or exterior accent lighting. The light source can be matched with fiber-optic materials to make the replacement of the light source as simple as possible, similar to connecting the headphone socket

in the future, laserlight will use a 1mm mirror based on MEMS technology to provide lighting functions for the new generation of eight autonomous driving applications with elastic modulus and maximum experimental force, and put lights on the road. For interconnected vehicles, laserlight light source will realize visible light communication (lifi) data communication technology, which can use light to realize high-speed and interconnected data communication, making the traditional wireless network communication (WiFi) dwarf, and improving the data output rate (more than 5gb/s) and network coverage. (pictures in this article are selected from)

on February, 2019, the second global autonomous driving forum hosted by Gaishi automobile will be held in Wuhan, China Optical Valley. The forum will invite 500 + industry guests to gather the contacts of core technology executives in the field of autonomous driving and senior practitioners in the automotive industry, and immediately rush to buy:

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