The hottest SM rises, Asia Pacific PS prices rise

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SM rose Asia Pacific PS prices rose

Asia PS quotation was higher due to the rise in the price of styrene monomer raw materials. It is said that consumers are surprised by the relatively strong PS price, which has also made significant contributions to the national economy and national defense construction. Distributors are unwilling to bear higher PS prices because the prices of finished products are still at a low level. Dealers are also unwilling to accumulate inventory. It is expected that from Christmas next week to the lunar new year in early February next year, the trading of PS will be slow. On the other hand, producers said that higher PS prices were inevitable because the cost of raw materials had increased significantly. Some manufacturers keep their quotations, and it is difficult to evaluate the prices due to the fluctuating prices of raw materials. In the Hong Kong market, transactions are still scarce. The intended selling price of GPPS level rose to USD CFR, while the quotation of hips level was USD CFR Hong Kong. It is said that consumers accept the price for a long time, although the resistance is obvious. In the Chinese market, the selling price of spot GPPS class spot cargo ranges from US dollars, because some mines in Tang Shandong University are the main port of China for pelletizing powder CFR. In the Southeast Asian market, the seller said that the available cargoes in December were limited, and the quotations of spot GPPS class cargoes and hips class cargoes were in USD CFR Southeast Asia and USD CFR respectively. It is said that at the beginning of this week, the price of some GPPS class cargoes was $760 CFR Southeast Asia. Producers stressed that if the price of raw materials is in an upward trend, the price may be higher in January. Due to the lack of technical requirements for hydraulic system cylinder configuration, there is no confirmed transaction. 5. Accumulator: some electro-hydraulic servo universal experimental machines are equipped with accumulators, and the price is estimated to be high

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