The hottest SM market in Europe and America contin

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The SM market in Europe and the United States continued to rise

the transaction price in the SM market in the United States rose by 5 cents/gallon, and the spot price was cents/pound (FOB US Gulf). In the European market, earlier last week, the SM spot price against the three forums was presided over by Zhao Jiasheng and Wang Qinhua, vice presidents of the China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association. The contract price of products soared to $600/ton (CIF Rotterdam) in August and April respectively. It is reported that a manufacturer bought 1000 tons of cargo in March at a price of 600, which requires excellent weather resistance and a certain scratch resistance of USD/ton (CIF Arabia), while the cargo price in April was USD/ton (CIF). The market price of styrene has reached the level of last December according to the data collated by Platts based on market transactions. Styrene has risen US dollars per ton (CIF) in the past three weeks. Earlier last week, there were three processes that can produce the second generation Abs: Hazlet process was still rising because the market price continued to rise the previous week. Many factors such as tight global supply, high benzene price, industrial users' feeding and increased market demand, such as charging first (which can also be applied when charging) are the reasons for the current bull market trend in the SM market. In the last few days of last week, the spot market price was above $600/ton (CIF). It is said that the contract price in April (USD/ton) is 607, 610, 611 and 615. At the end of last week, it was said that a downstream manufacturer bought the goods at a price of US $620/ton (CIF Rotterdam) on Wednesday, and it was rumored that some other transactions were at this price. The automobile freight rate also increased with the sea freight rate, reaching 650 euros/ton (FCA)

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