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China's small and medium-sized coating enterprises usher in the golden age of specialization

there are too many small-scale coating enterprises in China, and so is Ningbo. The most prominent part of the homogeneity of most small-scale enterprises is the serious trend of innovation in ABC column materials and production processes to protect the safety of drivers, which leads to the proliferation of disorderly competition and devalues the good coating industry. This situation is caused by both historical roots and the government. Of course, enterprises as the main body cannot escape the relationship. To reverse this situation, there are three ways out: first, to survive and eliminate the fittest in the competition. Second, the government should guide and regulate the self-discipline of industrial policies, including rectification. Third, enterprises should develop in a differentiated way, be specialized and excellent, and look for a small world in market segmentation

it is a golden age for enterprises to become professional. Why? There are three reasons: first, market segmentation is becoming more and more obvious, providing opportunities for small-scale enterprises. Second, new application fields have expanded rapidly, providing new markets for small-scale enterprises. There is a way out for product R & D and application. Who goes first, who specializes first, and who benefits. Third, the continuous success of the research and development of new materials provides a strong staying power for small-scale coating enterprises. This composite material is made of silk fiber and polylactic acid fiber. Who should use it well, who should specialize first, and who will benefit

most people will recognize the golden age in front of them. But the restriction of ideas is the fatal bottleneck. One is to pursue "small benefits", unwilling to spend money to buy "risks". Second, the basic elements of enterprises are insufficient, and they are unwilling to apply the integration and optimization of social resources, so they are conservative and follow the flow. Third, we have the conditions to be specialized and excellent, but we are not sure, and we have missed many opportunities. However, there are always some small-scale enterprises that can seize the opportunity to become specialized and excellent, or even bigger and stronger. There are always heroes in big waves Amoy sand. We should be full of confidence in the development of Chinese national coatings

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