The hottest slimming moon cake appears in Jiaozuo

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Slimming moon cakes appear in Jiaozuo

this year is the first year of implementing the mandatory national standard for moon cakes. According to the regulations, the packaging cost of moon cakes should not exceed 25% of the ex factory price of moon cakes. In addition, the polystyrene produced by tea tied to moon cakes may produce harmful components such as leaves and red wine under high temperature conditions, which are also violations. Now there is still a month to go before the Mid Autumn Festival. How is Jiaozuo implementing the mandatory standards for moon cakes? On September 7, many enterprises were afraid to take a visit to the market when they had orders. They found that after the "slimming" appearance of moon cakes, buyers were still continuous. According to reports, this year, the number of packaged moon cakes on the Jiaozuo market increased significantly, and the high price moon cakes with hundreds of Yuan decreased accordingly. People have high enthusiasm to buy packaged moon cakes

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