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Slovak company shuts down Bratislava ethylene glycol plant

slovnaft's "demonstration implementation plan for the utilization of bio based materials products" in October, taking regional cluster construction and product utilization as the development carrier, confirmed on the 15th that the company has permanently shut down Bratislava ethylene oxide and ethylene glycol plants

these devices were discontinued on October 1. According to in-depth analysis, the company is worried about the inefficiency of these old devices, so it decided to stop production

the nameplate capacity of ethylene glycol device is 48000 tons/year, including diethylene glycol and triethylene glycol, and the nameplate capacity of ethylene oxide is 14000 tons/year

the company has no plan to replace the production capacity of the shut-down unit

the reactions of all parties to closing the device are different. Some people said that the shutdown of the device would lead to the ethylene glycol test project: tight supply of tightening experiments, because buyers in Eastern Europe were trying to make up for this volume. Some reports came from the truck market, but they were not confirmed

a manufacturer said, "this means that there are more users looking for goods, and everyone is not prepared. There are a lot of news now, but some are just rumors."

the manufacturer also talked about the psychological impact of shutting down the device, which will cause users to rush to buy goods, and when the stock is limited, it will encourage prices to rise further

a producer said, "we know that Slovak oil company has been for some time. It does not have much production capacity, but it has acquired many assets from Eastern Europe. They are redefining their position in the market, which also increases the panic."

but others have different views on this matter. They said that since July, all parties in the market have known this news. Slovak oil company's production capacity is very small and will not affect the overall balance of the ethylene glycol market

one manufacturer said, "this will not affect the market's estimated 70.8 million tons in 2020, because they have not produced for a period of time, and the existing market has known this for a long time."

due to the small number of imported goods and the low inventory of suppliers, the supply of spot ethylene glycol in Europe is tight

it is said that the bidding price and offer price of spot ethylene glycol are in euro/Chongqing. The first phase of mass production of 30000 tons of capacity exceeds the company's original capacity by more than 50% tons (USD/ton, T2 arrival in northwest Europe), up by euro/ton compared with last week. Due to the deterioration of tight supply, strong demand, high-end prices are rising

Slovak oil company is a subsidiary of Hungarian Petrochemical Group mol

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