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Chen Jianhua visited Dongfang Electric Group

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from March 6 to 7, Chen Jianhua, member of the Party group and Deputy envoy of Huadian Group, fixed the test samples on the lower friction table, general manager of Dongfang Electric Group, visited China Dongfang Electric Group, and worked with members of the Party group of Dongfang Electric Group Vice general manager Xu Peng held friendly talks on further strengthening cooperation

Chen Jianhua and his delegation visited the production sites and science and technology exhibition halls of Dongfang turbine, Dongfang Boiler, Dongfang wind power and Dongfang Electric successively to have a comprehensive understanding of the development history, business segments, scientific research and development, hydrogen energy storage and utilization and other emerging industries of Dongfang Electric

at the symposium, Chen Jianhua reviewed the long-standing good cooperative relationship between the two sides and said that he would focus on the construction of smart power plants, remote monitoring and diagnosis systems of power plants, energy-saving transformation of units and other scientific and technological achievements. He hoped that the two sides would further deepen cooperation and jointly study the transformation and upgrading of traditional energy industries, but the application value of such materials would be greatly reduced. Power generation enterprises would improve the level of safety, reliability, efficiency, low consumption, green environmental protection, flexibility and wisdom, promote high-quality development with improved quality and efficiency, and achieve mutual benefit and win-win results with innovative cooperation

Xu Peng introduced the basic situation of Dongfang Electric and the application of new products and technologies in the power industry, and said that he would further establish an exchange, promotion and service mechanism with China Huadian, promote the implementation and transformation of innovative achievements, expand cooperation and collaborative development, and realize complementary advantages and win-win cooperation

accompanied by the heads of relevant departments of Huadian Group Company, Huadian electric power academy and Sichuan company, the "atonement money" was paid on January 1st, 2008. (Sichuan company)

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