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Chen Hua takes up the post of general manager of Cummins' parts business unit in China

Chen Hua takes up the post of general manager of Cummins' parts business unit in China

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Guide: the cost of Cummins' external wall will increase by 180 ~ 200 yuan/square meter. Cummins company recently announced that Chen Hua officially took up the post of general manager of Cummins' parts business unit in China. In the new position, Chen Hua will lead the collaboration of Cummins turbocharging technology, Cummins Filtration System, Cummins fuel system, Cummins emission system and other parts business departments in China

Cummins recently announced that Chen Hua has officially served as the general manager of Cummins' China parts division

in his new job, Chen Hua will lead the synergy of Cummins turbocharging technology, Cummins Filtration System, Cummins fuel system, Cummins emission system and other parts business departments in China to improve market share and profitability. At the same time, Chen Hua will also be responsible for the operation and development of Cummins' electronic business in China

Chen Hua joined Cummins in 1996. At that time, the company established a joint venture in Wuxi to localize the production of horset turbocharger, which was officially renamed Wuxi Cummins turbocharger technology company in 2007. Chen Hua has been the general manager of Wuxi Cummins turbocharging technology company since 2008. During this period, he led the team to establish a solid customer relationship with key Chinese OEMs, ensure strong operation and business performance, and promote the overall business to achieve profitable growth through a series of measures such as focusing on leadership development. Prior to that, he served successively as Senior Purchasing Manager, marketing director and deputy general manager of Wuxi turbocharging technology company. As a Six Sigma Black Belt, he was sent to work in Britain for 18 months

before joining Cummins, Chen Hua worked in Wuxi Power Engineering Company for four years He began his career as a foundry engineer. When he was in Wuxi and had the power of continuous honeycomb structure with heat insulation, Chen Hua was the deputy director of the technology department when he was established with Cummins joint venture

Chen Hua won the annual Cummins President Quality Award and the Cummins Elvin Miller award in 2011. Chen Hua received a bachelor's degree from Huazhong University of science and technology and a master's degree in Business Administration from Fudan University, and completed the general manager course of multinational companies at Cheung Kong Business School in 2010

Cummins's lack of attention in China is indeed worrying

Cummins' historical origins with China can be traced back to the 1940s more than half a century ago. On March 11th, 1941, Franklin? Roosevelt signed the lease act to provide wartime assistance to 38 countries, including China. The military aid to China under the lease act includes Jiangfang patrol boats and military trucks equipped with Cummins engines

at the end of 1944, a Chongqing enterprise sent a letter to Cummins to seek to establish business contacts and carry out localized production of Cummins engines in China. Elvin Miller, then general manager of Cummins engine company, expressed great interest in this in his reply, hoping that Cummins could build a plant in China after the Sino Japanese war. Due to well-known reasons, Mr. Miller's idea is only: 021 (6) (4) 410 can wait until the 1970s, 30 years later, with the gradual easing of Sino US relations, it is expected to become a reality

Cummins and its affiliated subsidiaries have invested more than US $1billion in China. As the largest foreign investor in China's diesel engine industry, Cummins' business ties with China began in 1975. Mr. Elvin Miller, then chairman of Cummins, visited Beijing for the first time and became one of the first American entrepreneurs to come to China to seek business cooperation. Since the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and the United States in 1979 and China's opening to the outside world, the first Cummins office in China was established in Beijing

Cummins is one of the first Western diesel engine companies to carry out localized production of engines in China. Cummins began to license the production of engines in Chongqing engine factory in 1981, and Cummins' first Chinese joint venture engine factory was established in 1995. So far, Cummins has a total of 28 institutions in China, including 15 wholly-owned and joint ventures, with more than 8000 employees, producing products such as engines, generator sets, alternators, filtration systems, turbocharging systems, post-treatment and fuel oil systems. Cummins' service network in China includes 12 regional service centers, more than 30 customer support platforms and more than 1000 authorized dealers of wholly-owned and joint ventures in China

Cummins has long insisted on forming strategic alliances with large Chinese enterprises to achieve common development. As the first foreign-funded diesel engine enterprise to come to China for localized production, Cummins has established four engine joint ventures with leading Chinese commercial vehicle enterprises, including Dongfeng Motor, Shaanxi Automobile Group and BAIC Foton, and 14 of Cummins's 23 engine series have been produced locally in China

Cummins is the first foreign-funded diesel engine company to set up a research and development center in China. In August 2006, the engine technology research and development center established by Cummins in cooperation with Dongfeng company was officially opened in Wuhan, Hubei Province

in 2012, Cummins' sales in China reached $3billion, and China has become Cummins' largest and fastest-growing overseas market in the world

about Cummins

Cummins company was founded in 1919, headquartered in Columbus, Indiana, USA. It is a fortune 500 enterprise in the United States, and was elected as the "most respected enterprise in the world" by fortune 2011. It is the only diesel engine company on the list

Cummins is the largest independent engine manufacturer in the world. Its product line includes diesel and alternative fuel engines, key engine components (fuel system, control system, intake air treatment, filtration system and exhaust gas treatment system) and power generation system. Cummins provides services to customers through more than 600 distribution agencies and more than 6500 dealer points in more than 190 countries and regions around the world

Cummins achieved a net income of $1.65 billion with sales of $17.3 billion in 2012

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