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Chen Kangping: "the the Belt and Road" helps photovoltaic enterprises go global

China has most of the world's solar module production capacity. The simulated tunnel built by rausberg with Europe and the United States and other countries occupies a small road area and is prone to constant friction, which has brought some difficulties to the international development of Chinese photovoltaic enterprises. The implementation of the "the Belt and Road" strategy in 2015 has opened up a new direction for China's photovoltaic industry to "go global". The economy needs to grow steadily and realize green economy at the same time. For this reason, I am very concerned about the national the Belt and Road policy, which will have a very beneficial and positive impact on the going out of China's photovoltaic enterprises. Chen Kangping, President of Jingke Energy Co., Ltd., said

China has most of the global solar module production capacity, and the continuous trade friction with Europe and the United States and other countries has brought difficulties to the international development of Chinese photovoltaic enterprises to a certain extent. The implementation of the the Belt and Road strategy in 2015 has opened up a new direction for China's photovoltaic industry to go global

recently, there has been continuous good news about the future development strategy of China's economy, the the Belt and Road. In addition to the strategy of the new Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21st century Maritime Silk Road, which may be announced by the government in the short term, Britain, France, Italy, but in fact, the higher the resolution is, the better. The continuous entry of Germany and other four largest European economies into the aiib will become a solid financial backing for the implementation of this strategy

according to the above heating system, Chen Kangping cut the heated sample from the middle. It shows that the national the Belt and Road economic strategy has not only become an important step for China to build a new pattern of all-round opening-up in the new era, but also provides an excellent opportunity for enterprises to expand new space for economic development. In view of this, Jinke energy is stepping up the deployment and implementation of the "going global" strategy, actively implementing the "one road and one belt" policy, striving to achieve global sales to global manufacturing, and finally achieve the global investment plan with the intensification of the internationalization process

infrastructure and energy strategy are unavoidable links in the implementation of the the Belt and Road policy. Jingke Energy said that its subsidiary Jingke power will be engaged in the development, construction, operation and maintenance and other major businesses of photovoltaic global new energy in the future. With the support of the the Belt and Road strategy and the advantages of shareholders, it is expected to develop rapidly in the global market

at present, Jinke energy company has carried out the development of overseas power stations in Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Jordan, Thailand and other places. These clean energies not only cover the Middle East, Africa, Southeast Asia and Europe. At the same time, it has also launched a global manufacturing plan in overseas countries except China. At present, it has opened 23 battery module factories in South Africa and Portugal. Power supply: 200W, employing more than 400 employees

on March 19, Jinke energy company announced that it plans to open a factory in Penang, Malaysia, to process and produce solar photovoltaic cells and modules. The plant is located in Penang, Malaysia, and will adopt a new high-efficiency polycrystalline production line. After completion, it will achieve an annual capacity of 500 MW of battery chips and 450 MW of components. It is reported that the company has signed a plant lease contract with nationgatetech-nology (m) d. The total investment in plant equipment and working capital is about US $100million, which is expected to be officially completed and put into operation in May 2015

we are very happy to become one of the first Chinese solar energy manufacturers to invest and build plants in Malaysia, and this is also the first battery production plant opened by the company overseas. In addition to the company's component capacity in South Africa and Portugal, the simultaneous production of Malaysian cell and component production lines will further diversify the company's capacity layout and greatly enhance the company's overseas market competitiveness. Chen Kangping said

Malaysia not only has relatively competitive costs and a large number of well-educated engineers, but also has a high industrial level and preferential tax policies. At the same time, the support of the Malaysian government for the renewable energy industry is also obvious to all. The company's plant construction project in Penang, Malaysia has received strong support and assistance from the local government and Mida (malaysianindustrialdevelopmentauthority). We not only hope to bring local employment opportunities, but also hope to work with the local government to further promote the rapid and efficient development of Malaysia's photovoltaic industry

it is reported that Jinke energy currently has 11 subsidiaries in Germany, Italy, Switzerland, the United States, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Japan, India, South Africa and Chile; 12 sales offices in China, Spain, the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Morocco, Ghana, Brazil, Costa Rica and Mexico; And four production bases in Jiangxi Province, Zhejiang Province, Portugal and South Africa

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