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Chengde Huafu cultivates its own glass brand

when entering the production workshop of Chengde Huafu glassware Co., Ltd., the workers are busy shuttling back and forth. Chairman Zhang Yucheng specially stood between the two workshops and said, "you see, the workshop on the left has only more than 20 workers, producing more than 10000 glasses a month, working only 6 hours a day, and the net profit of a month is more than 200000 yuan. This is equivalent to the profit of the traditional workshop on the right, which relies on 400 people producing 400000 products a month." In 2011, Zhang Yucheng invested 2million yuan to build this boutique workshop. Zhang Yucheng said that in the next few years, such high-quality production workshops will be built again. Only improving efficiency is the fundamental way out for these small and medium-sized labor-intensive enterprises

Chengde Huafu glassware Co., Ltd. is a foreign trade enterprise, and its products are exported to all over the world. The boutique workshop is an epitome of Chengde Huafu glassware Co., Ltd. actively realizing industrial upgrading. In fact, Huafu has a set of magic weapons to win today's achievements

small and medium-sized enterprises should also have a long-term vision

glassware industry is a traditional industry and also a labor-intensive industry. China's glassware industry has been widely recognized in the international market for a time by virtue of its low cost advantage, relying on thin to improve human living environment and improve corporate profits. In 2006, China's exports of glassware exceeded US $1billion, surpassing France as the world's leading exporter of glassware for the first time

the international financial crisis in 2008 hit the glassware industry hard. Zhang Yucheng, the chairman of the glassware branch of China Light Industry and crafts chamber of Commerce, has made some investigations. This crisis left only more than 30 glassware enterprises, large and small, in Qi County, Shanxi Province. After years of development and reshuffle of the industry, Huafu company has become a leader in the glassware industry

the international financial crisis has made some enterprises "die", made some enterprises change careers, and the rest are outstanding. Zhang Yucheng said, "because we analyze and judge the development trend of the market, we are not afraid even if the foreign trade situation is not optimistic. This is the difference between whether enterprises have long-term ideas."

when the foreign trade situation was good a few years ago, small and medium-sized foreign trade enterprises in the glassware industry made a lot of money, but Huafu company proposed to pay for research and development, produce high-quality products, create products and press the "stop" button. Zhang Yucheng showed a set of "1954" red wine utensils with thin walls and transparent. Zhang Yucheng said that the glass products of "1954" brand are the hot selling products of Huafu company at present, with good quality. With a brand, they can earn several times more than ordinary OEM goods. Starting from the OEM, Huafu has high requirements for the test method of constant speed loading method and related instruments and equipment. Now, the company has three own brands, "1954", "Huafu" and "glass art museum", aiming to face the international and domestic high-end market

in 2011, the turnover of Huafu company was 120million yuan, and the amount of independent brands was only 25million yuan. Zhang Yucheng said that in the next few years, the goal of Huafu company is to continuously expand the amount of independent brands and continuously improve the net profit without increasing or even decreasing the output

strive to improve the level of research and development

the research and development direction of the glassware industry is to produce more energy-saving glassware products, achieve the effect of energy conservation by reducing the melting temperature, reduce the emission of toxic and harmful substances in the production process, improve the quality of glass, and make glassware more transparent and bright. "It all depends on the formula." Zhang Yucheng said, "through arduous experiments and in-depth research."

Huafu company has its own R & D team. At present, there are 22 R & D projects in progress. Zhang Yucheng presides over a R & D project scheduling meeting every month to understand the R & D progress, integrate internal resources, and also help break departmental restrictions

in fact, since 1992, foreign experts from Germany, Switzerland and Romania have come to work in Huafu. At most, eight experts are working in Huafu at the same time

building the best glassware enterprise in China and the most famous glassware R & D center in China are the two goals put forward by Huafu when it integrated its business philosophy in 1996. In order to achieve the second goal, zhangyucheng led everyone to set up Huafu Glass Technology Engineering Co., Ltd., which specializes in the research and development of equipment. "Only with advanced technology and equipment can enterprises be competitive." Zhang Yucheng said

later, the glass electric melting furnace they developed changed the situation that glass electric melting furnaces needed to be imported in the past. Now these equipment are exported to Turkey, Egypt and other countries, and the domestic market share is leading

but what many people don't understand is that just when Huafu Glass Technology Engineering Co., Ltd. was booming, Zhang Yucheng sold it. In the face of confusion, Zhang Chengyu said that my ultimate goal is to produce and sell glassware. Running another equipment company will distract me. Selling it will also help me concentrate on the research and development of glassware

constantly expand marketing channels

when you drive down the Chengde exit of the expressway at night, you can see the beautiful building decorated with neon lights in the distance, Chengde Huafu glass art museum. The next day, as soon as I walked into the glass art museum, I saw glass artworks from all over the world. They were beautiful, crystal clear and pleasing to the eye. "This is not only a platform to display glass art, but also a window to understand the cultures of countries around the world through glass." In fact, Zhang Yucheng invested 20million yuan to build the glass art museum, and there are commercial considerations. Except for some rare glass artworks that are not sold, most artworks can be purchased by visitors. There are not only foreign artworks, but also glass vases and ornaments collected by Zhang Yucheng from all over the country, as well as high-quality glass products produced by Huafu company

the glass art museum, which was put into operation in July 2005, has brought a lot of sales revenue to Huafu company. In 2011, the art museum achieved an economic income of more than 3 million yuan. Zhang Yucheng said frankly that Chengde is a tourist city. Many guests come to the glass art museum to visit, and they have to buy some works of art they want to take back. The Art Museum has created a good artistic atmosphere and stimulated many people's desire to buy. He said that many guests came to the art museum and said that there are glasses from all over the world, which are carefully selected by the owner, which shows your love for glass. How can the products produced by such enterprises be bad? Most buyers who came to Huafu from abroad were also infected by the good atmosphere here, and Zhang Yucheng's orders were increasing

now, in order to do a good job in marketing, Zhang Yucheng has established Huafu glass art museum Co., Ltd. "The market for glass handicrafts is actually very broad. Now we can make souvenirs for meetings, souvenirs for commencement and graduation ceremonies, and personalized customized gifts." Zhang Yucheng said

for the future, Zhang Yucheng has many new plans. One is to open Huafu glassware stores nationwide. He also has an idea to develop experiential tourism, so that each tourist can blow a cup and take it home as a souvenir

having a long-term vision, engaging in research and development, and doing a good job in marketing may be the magic weapon for Chengde Huafu to remain invincible

build a large-scale circular economy

Li Zhe

if you have ever taken subway lines 5 and 10 in Beijing, if you have used the fifth set of RMB dimes, if you have seen the posture of "Long March" series rockets and "Shenzhou" series spacecraft in TV programs, then you have experienced the world's largest, the highest level of technology and equipment The charm of stainless steel products with the most complete varieties and specifications. With the development of Taiyuan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. in the field of stainless steel, dozens of stainless steel products in China have successfully replaced imports

light weight, high strength and long service life are the characteristics of many new products of TISCO. Cars using these materials can reduce the weight of the body, thereby reducing fuel consumption; Skyscrapers using these materials can greatly reduce the use of steel; Freight cars using these materials can reduce corrosion rate and prolong service life

"steel is a kind of material. Making better materials actually provides a guarantee for social energy conservation, consumption reduction and green development. For example, the strength of high-strength steel we produce is more than twice that of ordinary steel, and more than half of the consumption can be saved in the process of use." Li Xiaobo, chairman of Taiyuan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd., said that at present, TISCO's energy-efficient green products account for more than 70% of the total steel, and the benefits created account for more than 85%. It is preliminarily estimated that the application of these energy-efficient steels can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by more than 3million tons per year

"large state-owned steel enterprises standing at the high end of the industry must have a sense of history. Building a green enterprise is our pursuit. During the 12th Five Year Plan period, TISCO will enter the world's top 500 cleanly." According to Li Xiaobo, in addition to developing and researching green products that can save energy and reduce consumption, TISCO has explored ways to achieve pollution-free production processes through circular economy and realize large-scale recycling through interaction with cities

TISCO took the lead in applying and promoting the world's most advanced circular economy technology, and built a complete circular economy industrial chain. In terms of solid waste recycling, TISCO has built the first fully functional metallurgical dust recycling project in China, which recovers 320000 tons of metal every year, equivalent to developing a mine with an annual output of 2million tons of iron ore. In terms of liquid waste recycling, TISCO has achieved 100% recycling of wastewater and 100% recycling of hydrochloric acid, nitric acid and hydrofluoric acid. Through the recycling of gaseous waste, the annual recovery of secondary energy of TISCO accounts for 48% of the total energy consumption, and the annual power generation of waste heat and residual pressure accounts for 28% of the total power consumption

the word "hide dirt and accept dirt" can be used to vividly compare the responsibility and contribution of TISCO to environmental protection. It not only realizes the non emission of pollution, but also can absorb the waste from the city and turn it into self-use through purification, and is conducive to the production of waste heat to provide clean energy sources to the city

"TISCO introduced urban sewage and purified it into industrial water through its own equipment, which not only reduced the discharge of urban sewage, but also saved new industrial water." Li Xiaobo said that at present, TISCO handles 50000 tons of urban sewage per day and reduces urban COD emissions by more than 5000 tons per year. The business of dismantling and reusing used motor vehicles has begun to take shape, and the comprehensive utilization of urban domestic waste, waste tires, plastics, batteries, etc. is also being gradually implemented

TISCO also provides winter heating sources for 8million square meters of residential houses in the urban area of Taiyuan by recycling waste heat from production, replacing small coal-fired boilers in the region, which can reduce sulfur dioxide by more than 7000 tons per year

early transformation takes the lead

it is conceivable that Chengde Huafu glassware Co., Ltd. proposed to spend money on R & D and brand creation when the industry has a good development momentum. General enterprises are in a favorable situation of development. They usually think of expanding sales and more orders, but rarely think of being prepared for danger in times of safety and seeking long-term development by practicing their internal skills. Investment and construction

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