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Review of xtools' 10th anniversary "white paper"

from 2004 to 2014, xtools celebrated its 10th birthday. In the past ten years, we have been running hard and surpassing xtools in their prime. Constant passion, dedicated attitude and a total investment of about 500million yuan in real projects for users will open the next era of xtools. The following is a review of xtools' 10th anniversary. I would like to commemorate xtools' 10th anniversary with this article and wish xtools better and better

2004 -- the dream of three young people

in July 2004, three people, one student, one teacher and one salesman, came together, seemingly unrelated, with the ambition of creating China's own CRM and creating xtools brand. Ten years later, the once green youth has become the godfather of the CRM industry, and xtools has also become a leading brand in the CRM industry. In October of the same year, xtools launched the concept of monthly rent CRM, which paid according to the use time and the number of rentals. The emergence of xtools completely ended the history of China without CRM

2005 -- the first climax of business

xtools was born one year later. After the early promotion and hard work, xtools reaped joy for the first time one year later. The number of customers in the Yangtze River Delta and the Pearl River Delta continued to increase, and the original computer room facilities could no longer meet the needs of customers. In order to make xtools tenants get the best experience in the process of using the software, xtools added servers in Shanghai and Guangzhou, Xtools CRM cluster service framework is emerging

2006 -- included in the information platform for small and medium-sized enterprises

after strict screening, evaluation and competition, Shanghai Telecom finally decided to cooperate with xtools CRM to include xtools in the information platform for small and medium-sized enterprises leading the business. In the same year, xtools was honored as the future star of the best business model from 2005 to 2006 by virtue of its new business model. In the same year, CCTV's "light of science and technology channel" reported the new xtools model. SaaS based business model is not only a rescue, but also a lasting revolution for countless small and medium-sized enterprises in China. Small and medium-sized enterprises in China need platforms like xtools to provide technologies, products, upgrade services and warm customer services

2007 -- the year when the firepower was fully opened

was the most brilliant year in xtools' history. Xtools has accelerated the construction of the whole section. Servers such as Nantong II, Shanghai II and Beijing II have been opened one after another, and the server cluster of the whole section is becoming more and more mature. In the same year, xtools ranked second only to Microsoft CRM with a total score of 91.2 in the CRM product evaluation of China's small and medium-sized enterprises launched by China computer news. This year was also the craziest year for xtools product upgrade. The CRM system fully supports purchase, warehousing, outbound, etc., and releases the customer service console function at the same time

2008 -- harvest honors

in this year, xtools focused more on brand publicity while consolidating its products. LiYaPing, the technical director who seldom faces the public, participated in the CSDN China SaaS architecture and operation seminar in this new EU standard year, and wrote an article for the programmer magazine on SaaS security. This year, xtools tried mobile CRM for the first time, and launched the version of CRM - carry on

we gain more from customers' recognition. According to the latest research report on the development trend of China's software operation service (SaaS) market in 2008 released by CCW resea (which is especially suitable to be a testing instrument for controlling product quality on the production line), the customer renewal rate of xtools CRM ranks first in the SaaS market, as high as 95.2%. In the same year, xtools won the SaaS TOP10 Product Award for general tolerance in the enterprise letter of the 2008 China SaaS golden Software Award for dimensional tolerance without tolerance indication, and became a popular CRM brand in the Chinese market

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