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Fanuc 2014 robot new product review

in the 2014 list of the world's top 100 most innovative companies released by Forbes magazine, FANUC was listed again and ranked 35th. Innovation always laments for those analytical instrument enterprises and enterprises that have lost contact with each other in the long history. At the same time, FANUC has spared no effort to pursue the recent five gold tool torque detection equipment to usher in a new opportunity. Generation after generation of models have been born and evolved, making FANUC always maintain a leading position in the rapidly changing robot market in the world

Figure 1: robot arrangement of FANUC in Shanghai in 2014, FANUC launched four new robot models. Let's review these new robot models that embody the wisdom of FANUC R & D personnel:

fanuc r-2000ic universal intelligent robot

30 years of experience accumulation, and the installed capacity of more than 60000 previous generation models, Fanuc r-2000ic

fanuc r-2000ic robot is a universal intelligent robot suitable for high-speed spot welding, handling, assembly and other application fields. Compared with the previous generation model r-2000ib, r-2000ic has realized more than 10% light weight and fine simplification, and the maximum load has reached 210kg; The power stored at the normal speed of each shaft is not much, which is increased by 16%; The maximum speed of the wrist increased from 2m/s to 3m/s. R-2000ic also adopts new motors and quick connectors to improve the sealing performance. At the same time, the main components of the three models of r-2000ic can be common to each other, thus saving the spare parts reserve required by customers

Figure 2: FANUC r-2000ic

fanuc m-900ib/280l large intelligent robot

the body is lighter by 11%, but the maximum load on the wrist is increased from 260kg to 280kg, which means that FANUC m-900ib/280l large intelligent robot

fanuc m-900ib/280l is an improved model of FANUC m-900ia/260l. It is a large intelligent robot suitable for handling and spot welding applications. Compared with the previous generation models, the m-900ib/280l has a lighter body and a more compact structure. At the same time, the speed of each shaft and the rigidity of the body have been correspondingly improved. The m-900ib/280l wrist has reached IP67 protection grade, and can be used safely even in harsh environments

Figure 3: FANUC m-900ib/280l

fanuc m-20ia/35m small handling robot

fanuc m-20ia/35m the slim arm suitable for working in a narrow space has amazing wrist power

fanuc m-20ia/35m is improved on the basis of m-20ia/20m model. It is a small handling robot with 10 minutes of wide utilization prospect, which is suitable for packing, stacking, machine tool loading and unloading in a narrow operating space. The independent drive mechanism design in the wrist shaft realizes the world's most delicate and compact built-in cable arm. Compared with the previous generation model, the m-20ia/35m has stronger wrist force. The transportable mass of the wrist is increased from 20kg to 35kg. The allowable load torque of the wrist is increased by 2~2.4 times, and the inertia is increased by 1.5~2 times

Figure 4: FANUC m-20ia/35m

fanuc m-2ia/3al fist robot

fanuc m-2ia series has always been the representative of fast and accurate. The newly launched long arm model m-2ia/3al has a wide range of motion while inheriting fast and accurate

fanuc m-2ia/3al robot is a 6-axis medium-sized parallel link robot, which can meet the needs of high-speed handling, stacking, assembly and other applications. The maximum load of m-2ia/3al is 3kg, the repetition accuracy reaches 0.1mm, and the working range is expanded to 1130mm (diameter) x 400mm (height). The 3-DOF wrist is especially suitable for flexible assembly operations. In addition, the m-2ia/3al has a closed body and ip69k protection grade. The robot can be equipped with food hygiene parts for food grade applications

figure V: FANUC m-2ia/3al

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