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Review of the plastic packaging industry in 2004 and outlook for 2005 (IV)

III. existing problems and Countermeasures

(I) existing problems

1. Blind development, small scale and poor competitiveness

the biggest problem in the current plastic packaging industry is that enterprises are scattered, uneven, unable to count their accurate quantity, many products have large production capacity, product supply exceeds demand, and the market is saturated. Color printing compound bag making, woven bag products and various small blow molding bottle enterprises have sprung up everywhere and developed blindly. Similar products will inevitably cause a waste of human and material resources and hinder the normal development of the industry

2. Disordered market competition has hindered the sound development of the industry. In the packaging film and woven bag industry, there is excess production capacity and the imbalance between market supply and demand, which has put many enterprises in trouble. For the survival of enterprises, some enterprises will participate in the competition by any means. At the same time, the continuous rise of raw materials and the decline of product prices are also an important blow. In order to reduce costs, regardless of national standards, a large number of recycled materials and fillers are used to flood the market with inferior products, damaging the product reputation, impacting the normal research, development, operation and management of formal enterprises, struggling to cope with market competition and hindering the benign development of the industry

the above problems show that solving the disorderly competition of plastic packaging enterprises is the most urgent problem at present. How to regulate the market and create a good market environment depends not only on the macro-control policies of the government departments, but also on not desperately reducing costs and seizing the market at low prices, but also on technological innovation as the driving force to improve the core competitiveness of enterprises so that enterprises can have long-term vitality, It is a problem that plastic packaging enterprises need to seriously consider. The market should be standardized and enterprises should be self disciplined; It is also the common goal of every enterprise to take honesty as the foundation, win by quality, and jointly improve the market

(II) countermeasures

facing the current problems, how can the plastic packaging material industry get out of the predicament and embark on the road of sound development? Here are some ideas on this issue for your reference only

1. Find your own market position, develop differentiated products, and avoid vicious competition

plastic packaging materials are widely used, with great market coverage and great differences among different market segments. There is still room for development in the market. At present, in addition to strengthening management, improving product quality and reducing costs, enterprises should also devote themselves to the research and development of special products, developing new products and developing functional special films. The structure of plastic woven products is even more unreasonable. Light packaging bags account for 80%, heavy packaging bags only account for 3%, geotextiles, color striped cloth and eye bags account for 15%, while a considerable number of woven bags for fertilizer, grain, cement and sugar in small packaging bags are low-grade products produced from recycled old materials. Therefore, the enterprise should not only scale up and upgrade, but also develop new differentiated products. Only when people have their own advantages, can they be in a leading position in the market competition. At present, the new development trend of plastic woven products is functional plastic woven packaging bags. For example, liquid filled woven bags for containers are suitable for container liquid transportation. They are rising at home and abroad, changing the old face of chemical liquid packaging, improving the grade of products, and having a promising market prospect

2. Create famous brands, speed up exports, and strive to open up international markets

reversing overcapacity through exports is a way out for the future development of BOPP, BOPET, CPP, and BOPA in the industry. 1. Despise the reserve of reserve talents. First of all, create famous brands. At present, the brands that have been made internationally include Jiangsu Zhongda, Foshan Dongfang, DuPont Hongji, Anhui Guofeng, etc., but they are far from enough. Go abroad and compete for foreign markets, It is an arduous task for us to work hard for a long time, and we have a lot of work to do

At present, to solve the low price war, we must have an industry standard behavior. The law of commodity value tells us that the price is determined by the cost. No matter how the market competes, the price must not be lower than the reasonable cost. Due to China's large population and difficult employment, the labor price is relatively low, and the plastic knitting industry is a labor-intensive product, The relatively low price in the international market should have been our advantage. However, with the intensification of competition, some enterprises do not start from improving the technical content of products, but use relatively low labor force as a means to reduce costs. Not only the working environment of employees is poor, but also the labor intensity of employees is increased. As a result, price wars have been fought one after another in the industry, turning the market into a battlefield of life and death. This has not only undermined the economic order, but also created the international impression that the sales price of Chinese products is lower than the production cost. The reputation of "Chinese products are cheap but not good" has put packaging enterprises in a disadvantageous position. This situation continues. After the protection period is cancelled in 2005, it will inevitably be hit by anti-dumping, If we do not pay attention to it, we will invest a lot of human and material resources to actively respond to the lawsuit, just like the anti-dumping of polyethylene shopping bags in 2004. The situation of eventual failure deserves our vigilance

substandard food is used as good food, and the environmental protection benefit is 10 points. Some or even all recycled food has no guarantee of quality. Substandard food is used as good food to entrap users, causing economic losses and damaging the reputation of the whole industry. It is adulterated like the low-grade sample pulp molded tableware used for installation, which does not meet the health requirements. Serious phenomena such as oil seepage, water seepage deformation and rice adhesion have ruined the reputation of the whole industry

4. Re integration to enhance the vitality of the association

to sum up, only under the leadership of the China Packaging Federation can the plastic packaging materials industry play the role of professional committees. Over the past 20 years, the plastics Committee has carried out some activities within its capabilities, but it is still unsatisfactory. There are many problems in its attractiveness and cohesion

in the 1980s, nine professional groups were established to carry out some activities. With the development of market economy, they can no longer meet the needs of industry development, and some have been in the state of stopping activities for a long time. Therefore, since 1993, with the support of China National Packaging Association, the industry has been re integrated. In three years, the "plastic knitting industry cooperation center", "flexible plastic packaging industry joint center" and the "hollow container industry joint center" under preparation have been reorganized. It is an attempt. There is still a long way to go to do a good job in the industry. On the one hand, the trade associations are not perfect. Under the incomplete market economy conditions, it is difficult to achieve the autonomy of peers. Now, if enterprise legal persons are invited to serve as the president, vice president and Secretary General of associations at all levels, leaving enterprises to preside over the work of the associations, I am afraid no one is willing to do it, and it is difficult to do it for subjective and objective reasons. For example, enterprises worry about whether it is fair and just. Only under the complete market economy conditions, Only in this way can we implement the separation of government and society, eliminate the administration of the association, and change the subsidiary status of the association. At this stage, it is not possible for enterprises to take care of themselves, members' enthusiasm is not high, they are not enthusiastic about the work of the association, the association has difficulties, does not support, and even does not pay membership dues. This is understandable. Therefore, under the current conditions, the main task of the "plastic packaging committee" is to do a good job of investigation, and put forward constructive suggestions on the development direction and policies of plastic packaging enterprises and plastic processing equipment for the reference of relevant departments; Coordinate the relationship between upstream and downstream enterprises and the relationship between export products; Formulate product industry standards; Organize technical exchanges, carry out talent, technical training and information services; Run the "plastic packaging" and "plastic packaging station" well to provide a platform for enterprise information exchange; To do the above work well, member units need to actively support and improve their understanding of the importance of the work of "plastic packaging Committee in the field of high-end new material industry". The "plastic packaging committee" should strengthen its service awareness, provide enterprises with accurate and timely information, develop raw material channels, cooperate with China National material storage and Transportation Corporation, and provide enterprises with stable raw materials with market price and quality competitiveness. And assist enterprises to develop the international market, do a good job in the export of plastic packaging products and occupy the international market

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