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Market review: yesterday's review of the diethylene glycol market

on September 20, the diethylene glycol market in Jiangsu fell. The mainstream quotation in the market was 8800 yuan/ton (out of the tank), the mainstream transaction was 8750 yuan/ton. The 4E principle (out of the tank) of developing the coating industry based on long economic service life, effectiveness, ecology and energy, and the low-end transaction was 8700 yuan/ton (out of the tank). Affected by the sharp drop in oil prices, traders had different views on the future market, and the market atmosphere was confused. Traders' purchases decreased, downstream factories' inquiries were average, and some sellers' intention to ship goods increased

on September 20, the diethylene glycol market in South China was stable. Some sellers insisted on the quotation of 9100 yuan/ton (out of the tank), while the mainstream transaction was yuan/ton (out of the tank). The buyers continued to wait and see. There were few inquiries, and the overall negotiation was light. There were few transactions in one vehicle

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