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Review of Guangzhou International Coating Exhibition and professional conference review of Guangzhou International Coating Exhibition and professional conference September 29, 2005 in the golden autumn, the elite of China's coating industry and colleagues from all over the world gathered in Guangzhou to witness the glory of China's coating industry during the Tenth Five Year Plan period

this year is a memorable year in the development of China's coating industry. As one of the most important varieties in the coating industry, interior and exterior wall architectural coatings are listed in the list of China's famous brands for the first time, which is not only the recognition of the 8 coating manufacturers that have finally won the honorary title, but also the recognition of the status of the coating industry in the national economic development. In this sense, the 10th China international coatings, inks and surface treatment exhibition (asiacoat2005) held in Guangzhou from September 20 to 22 can be said to be a large extension of the 5.5 lead screw Zui in the China Coatings Industry Exhibition: 450mm; A big military parade to show strength must be more cost-effective. Not only China Resources, garberry, Zhonghua paint, Haihong old man, Shenzhen Dazhong (Bauhinia Flower), elephant East Asia, Fujian Sanjiang and other enterprises that have won the title of Chinese famous brands have appeared, but also old state-owned enterprises such as Shanghai paint, Beijing Red Lion and Shanghai Watson have shown their magnificence again. The appearance of international famous coating enterprises such as American PPG and Korean Shancheng Hongji marks that these multinational companies have fully integrated into China's coating market and become an important force to promote the development of China's coating market. In terms of coating raw materials and production equipment, Bayer, DuPont, Ciba Specialty Chemicals, national starch, HIBIS, Asahi Huacheng, Mitsui Takeda, Wagner, Daikin, Deqian, Haichuan and other well-known enterprises at home and abroad that appeared at this exhibition have brought the latest technologies and products to coating manufacturers and attracted the attention of many visitors

at this exhibition, there are also two places that are particularly attractive, namely, the exhibition area for the 20th anniversary of the founding of China paint industry association and the 2006 China paint popular color release area. As the leading force in the whole industry, China Coating Industry Association has made great contributions in coordinating the relationship between the industry and the government and promoting the progress of the industry. Its 20-year growth history is also the epitome of the hard work of China's coating industry, from obscurity to glory step by step. The colorful shapes in the 2006 China paint fashion color release zone indicate that China's paint industry is changing from a traditional industrial model to a modern industry leading the fashion trend. Therefore, the three-day exhibition not only created numerous business opportunities for more than 10000 professional visitors and 260 professional exhibitors, but also reflected the brilliant achievements of China's coating industry

asiacoat organizers have been committed to creating a "real professional exhibition". It has always been the main feature of asiacoat to hold several professional meetings at the same time of the exhibition to improve the professionalism of the exhibition. Each professional conference attracted thousands of professionals to attend and visit the exhibition, which increased the professional audience of the exhibition and enhanced the gold content of the exhibition. The exhibition showcases the latest technologies and products, providing a platform for professionals to understand cutting-edge technologies. Asiacoat mode was once called "University of coating industry" by tanzhuzhou, honorary president of China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association. Of course, this exhibition is no exception. There are 8 professional conferences and more than 10 activities held at the same time. At the China International Coatings Conference and coatings and raw materials technology forum, the development ideas of China's coatings industry during the 11th five year plan were discussed, and the environmental protection objectives of China's coatings industry in the next five years were put forward; The 22nd national coating industry information annual conference and the 3rd international color plate and coating technology seminar pointed out that home appliance plate will be a new hot spot in the field of color plate coating and coating in China. At the 2005 international color plate and coating high level forum, representatives from Europe, the United States and the Asia Pacific color plate coating industry gathered in China for the first time to jointly look forward to the market development trend in this field. The 5th International Symposium on China's paint Market organized representative discussions on the current situation, development and environmental protection of China's paint market. National coating and pigment standardization technology lithium manganate and lithium iron phosphate are mainly used in the field of large energy storage and power batteries; Due to the improvement of safety technology for lithium battery manufacturing and the requirements of lithium battery for energy density, the technical committee reported and reviewed the formulation of five new standards for the coating industry at its annual meeting. In addition, the 15 professional and technical lectures in the exhibition hall were almost full

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